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The name Disposable may be familiar to regular readers of MetalTalk since we first clasped our ears and eyes on them back in 2014. The band first came to our attention when they played a small Scottish festival back in 2014 and the band had the unenviable task of being the first band to grace the stage and even though they had a modest turnout to see them perform (out of their control), they proceeded to give what would turn out to be one of the highlight performances of the festival.

A couple of months later, the band unleashed their formidable full length debut album, 'At The Foot Of The World', which as I said at the time was "everything I hoped for and more". The album was (and still is) an outstanding achievement for a group who are barely in their twenties and their live performances too are already a "must-see" for any self respecting thrash Metal fan.

The band have released no more studio material in the intervening years but instead set about building their fan base thanks to numerous support slots for Shrapnel, Municipal Waste and another up and coming Scottish act, Dog Tired. Add to this numerous headline performances in both England and Scotland and very quickly the Disposable name was synonymous with a value for money night out from one of the best young bands around.

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Whilst touring, the band have made time to write new material and instead of waiting for enough songs for a full album, they entered the studio to record this EP which serves merely as a stop-gap between albums one and two. Four quality tracks that show how much their song-writing and studio performances have improved since their 2014 debut release.

Short it may be but these four tracks are amongst the best this quartet have produced thus far. 'Scar My Eyes' heavily features the metronomic drumming talents of Liam Tucker, which are powerful throughout with frontman William Robertson giving it absolutely everything he's got in a supreme vocal performance. All the while, the guitar riff is relentlessly driving the son onwards on what is a very powerful start.


'Web Of Fear' once again has Tucker leading the way with the main guitar riff placed towards the back of the mix. The catchy chorus is a slightly slower tempo than the rest of the track giving a small respite from the sledgehammer heaviness before the pace picks up once again. For me, it’s an extraordinary track and a real highlight of the EP and the bands recording career so far.

A high octane blast from guitarists Andrew Anderson and Jack Batcharj laying down a riff in 'Misery' which sounds like it's straight out of the Slayer Writing Manual. With original material like this, Disposable clearly demonstrate that they really do have the talent to shift their career up a gear and start to make a real dent in their aspirations. For me, it was a faultless display from beginning to end with everything in place at the right time and has all the hallmarks of a classic of the future for the band.

Closing the EP off is 'Shatter' which once again features Tucker front and centre and at his very best once again as the fastest track gets underway. Once again everything's here to be ticked off the list, from the killer guitar riff and inventive guitar solo to the simple but effective drum beat and the pinpoint accurate vocals that once again stretches the vocal talents of Robertson. It all culminates in a glorious wave of feedback before the final riff is sure to get the heads banging one last time.

Absolutely immense from start to finish - four musicians, four songs, seventeen minutes and one must-have EP for any self-respecting thrash fan.

'Life Misguided' EP Tracklisting:
Scar My Eyes
Web Of Fear

Disposable are:
William Robertson – Vocals/Bass Guitar
Andrew Anderson – Guitar
Jack Batcharj – Guitar
Liam Tucker – Drums

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