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Twisted Sister are said to be calling it a day this year, bowing out with a selection of headlining festival dates some 40 years after the formation of the classic line up.

This DVD documentary film made by Andrew Horn starts with a clip from Twisted Sister's legendary appearance on the UK music show The Tube and that is also where this story ends on December 1982, long before the eventual signing to Atlantic Records and mega huge MTV coverage and a war of words with the PMRC.

This insightful historic account of the club daze of Twisted Sister leaves no stone unturned in their quest for global domination that stretches as far back as 1972 when they were originally known as Silver Star with a succession of singers that once included Jay Jay French in the leading role whilst dressed in a frock.

It wasn't until they discovered a singer by the name of Danny Snider, who was once the singer in a band called Peacock that the story really starts to roll.

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Often wrongly diagnosed as a glam band, Twisted Sister were the complete opposite of that and took their audiences by the scruff of the neck and rammed the true spirit of rock 'n roll down their necks in an age when disco was king.

Twisted Sister plagued the clubs of Long Island, New York four shows a night, six times a week, causing havoc everywhere they went with high energetic shows and infamous raps from Dee Snider. A mixture of their own songs and riveting covers like the one seen on this DVD of Judas Priest's 'Hell Bent For Leather'.

Amazingly there was no record deal forthcoming from the American labels despite selling out the New York Palladium to 3,000 fans with no recording contract or radio airplay.

Bizarrely it was journalists from the UK like Gary Bushell who wrote enthusiastically about the band in the pages of Sounds and Kerrang! That eventually led to a record deal with the small British independent punk label Secret Records which was owned by Martin Hooker, who later started up Music For Nations, that saw the release of the 'Ruff Cutts' EP and the debut album 'Under The Blade'.

In a twist of fate, Secret Records folded and Twisted Sister thought they were back to square one, but fortunately Secret had already booked the band to appear on The Tube and the rest was history.

Running at over two hours long, this is an exhausting but exhilarating tale featuring stories from all the members of Twister Sister including drummer AJ Pero who sadly passed away early last year.

A must for the hardcore Sick Mutha Fucker fan, because what you don't know sure can hurt you! Twisted Sister truly are the bad boys of rock n' roll.

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