The Plough And Harrow, Leytonstone, London
Saturday 30th April 2016

Steve Göldby

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Motörheadache were the first UK based tribute to Lemmy and Motörhead and were formed in August 2003. They have played over 700 gigs across Europe with Fast Eddie Clarke guesting on guitar in 2005. They also played with Girlschool in 2006.

Ten years later and the band has taken on a new meaning now that sadly the real thing are no longer playing. More than four months after Lemmy's passing and the reality that we will never see another live Motörhead gig is still hard to take and almost certainly will be for many years yet but all is not completely and totally lost as there is an alternative and it's as close as you could possibly get to the real thing.

In fact, in certain places it is almost flawless, from the expert delivery of these supercharged songs as a whole to the appearance of Rob, who looks exactly like Lemmy in his 30s/40s. But most importantly of all, he sounds just like Lemmy; in fact he's not just got the singing voice off to an absolute tee, he's mastered the stage moves, the in-between song chat and the numerous bass runs that Lemmy would always play between numbers as well.

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I'll say it once again, you will not hear or see anything that's as close to the real thing as Motörheadache.

The stage entrance was perfect and when Lemmy/Rob introduced proceedings with the now legendary and immortal words: "Good evening. We are Motörhead and we play rock n' roll!" and 'Iron Fist' kicked in we knew we were in for a real treat tonight.

And so it proved with Motörheadache whipping up an absolute störm with many a classic and many a great song that Motörhead didn't play live for many a long year, for example 'Death Or Glory' from the 'Bastards' album, '(We Are The) Road Crew' from 'Ace Of Spades', 'Going To Brazil' from '1916' and 'Too Late, Too Late' from 1980s 'The Golden Years' Live EP.

We even got "the fingers". Every gig that Lemmy played with Phil Campbell, they would cross fingers at some point in the gig. Phil always stood to the right of Lemmy to do this on all but one occasion and that was when Motörhead played Berlin on 11th December 2015 which turned out to be the very final Motörhead gig, although nobody knew this was the case at the time.

On that occasion Phil stood to the left of Lemmy. It was totally unintentional and Phil didn't even know he had done that until he saw the photo some weeks later.

When Motörheadache's "Lemmy" and "Phil" crossed fingers on Saturday night, "Phil" stood to the left of "Lemmy". Whether this was intentional or not is anybody's guess and even if it wasn't, Motörheadache's attention to detail is what makes them a cut above all other cover/tribute bands.


Neil Archer was a real pleasure to watch on guitar as he ripped through this challenging set and made it look easy. He's sort of a Phil/Fast Eddie hybrid in playing style and handles songs from both eras in a commanding, accomplished way.

Motörheadache don't quite provide a note perfect performance but the real thing never actually did that. There's one or two small errors here and there but no more than you used to get at a real Motörhead gig. You just never noticed at the time because you were so wrapped up in what was going on. One of the reasons we were so attracted to Motörhead was because they weren't flawless and never pretended to be.

Just in case I didn't mention it earlier, you will not hear or see anything that's as close to the real thing as Motörheadache.

Motörhead have a massive back catalogue of superb songs and there's a wealth of material for Motörheadache to draw from in the coming years but for now, take a look at the setlist below - that's a great Motörhead gig and the healthy attendance was swelled further by many members of Official Motörhead Fan Club, Motörheadbangers, a lot of whom had travelled great distances to be here.

As I mentioned in my review of The Iron Maidens last week, where tribute bands win is by playing songs that the real thing are no longer playing and Motörheadache win, and win well, despite clearly being born to lose.

We actually got R.A.M.O.N.E.S. twice because support band We Die Heroes played it as well. Anyone feeling confused as they entered the venue can be forgiven as We Die Heroes are a three piece, the drummer has Lemmy style mutton chops and the other two were wearing Motörhead t-shirts.

I went to this gig for pleasure, not business, so as I was not intending to write a review I didn't take a photographer with me. However, the band were so good that I was compelled to write a review but all of the photos and videos on here are from other Motörheadache gigs and were not taken on Saturday night.

Next time round we will take the full crew because a Motörheadache gig is now a "must see" and I'm already looking forward to the next time they hit town. They have a massive future and they're doing a sterling job in helping to keep the name alive so more power to them.

Now, where's the Anadin?

Motörheadache are:
Rob Campbell (Lemmy)
Neil Archer (Fast Eddie Clarke/Phil Campbell)
Dave Nutter (Mikkey Dee)

Iron Fist
Stay Clean
In The Name Of Tragedy
Shoot You In The Back
Death Or Glory
The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
Step Down
(We Are The) Road Crew
Too Late, Too Late
Born To Raise Hell
The Hammer
Stone Dead Forever
Going To Brazil
Killed By Death

Ace Of Spades


You can see Motörheadache live at:
May 6th: The Snooty Fox, Wakefield
May 14th: Cumbria Classic and Custom Show, Allerdale
May 28th: The Beacon Court, Gillingham
Jun 04 The Flowerpot, Derby
Jun 24 The Globe, Cardiff
Jun 25 3 Tuns, Gateshead
Jul 02 Rockprest, Preston
Jul 09 Beanfest Festival, Rotherham
Jul 15 The Venue, Selby
Jul 22 McCann's Rock N Ale Bar, Newport
Jul 23 The Victoria, Swindon
Jul 30 Festwich, Prestwich
Aug 12 Yorkshire Rock & Bike Festival, Leeds
Aug 13 The Lion Inn, Castleford
Aug 19 The Weavers Condorrat, Cumbernauld
Aug 20 Greedy Pigs MCC Rally, Stoke On Trent
Aug 27 The Live Rooms, Chester
Aug 29 Castleroc Festival, Chepstow
Sep 17 Sin Bin, Plough & Harrow, London
Sep 24 O'Rileys, Hull
Oct 01 Finns, Weymouth
Oct 21 O2 ABC2, Glasgow
Oct 22 02 Academy 2, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Oct 28 O2 Academy 2, Sheffield
Nov 04 The Fleece, Bristol
Nov 17 Robin 2, Bilston
Nov 18 The Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes
Nov 19 02 Academy, London
Nov 25 Manchester Academy, Manchester
Nov 26 Liverpool Arts Club, Liverpool
Dec 02 The Brook, Southampton
Dec 03 02 Academy 2, Oxford
Dec 10 Barnsley Rock & Blues Venue, Barnsley
Dec 17 Fuel, Cardiff
Jan 27 The Arches, Coventry

If you would like to book Motörheadache please contact their agent Mike at 8Ball Bookings at or 07982 424927.

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