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Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons: The Dome, London, Thursday 24th November 2016

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Words: Steve Göldby, Pictures: Ash Phoenix, Video: Dawid Dziubiński

phil campbell

A touch of numerical dyslexia by the MetalTalk Editor led Phil Campbell to remark when asked about his career highlights: "Well certainly not this interview!"

Phil's killer sense of humour makes talking to him an absolute delight and we touched on several different subjects from this year alone and obviously from his thirty-two years as Motörhead guitarist and the longest standing member, other than Lemmy, of the world's greatest ever rock'n'roll band is now having a whale of a time out on the road with The Bastard Sons.

"I hope they've all got parachutes because we're going to blow them offstage," he jokes about the forthcoming run of European dates with Saxon but he won't reveal the pranks he has in store for Biff and his boys.

phil campbell

Vocalist Neil Starr remarks: "When Phil Campbell phones you up and says 'write some melodies', you've got to write some melodies," and he's done a sterling job with that, as you can hear on 'Spiders' from the brand new EP which you can check out below.

The bomber is in a safe place and so is the burgeoning career of Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons. Phil just wants to play some gigs and get some good food from takeouts but you can bet he'll be doing a lot more than that over the coming months and years. Here's the conversation in full.

Every time we see Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons, it's even better than the last time and after a run of high profile gigs during 2016, they're now a finely tuned and incredibly sharp unit with a setlist containing a heady mix of their own original material, several Motörhead classics and some of Phil's favourite songs from the masters.

As the man himself says above, "expect the unexpected," and this performance showcased Phil's huge repertoire and that of his incredibly talented band.

phil campbell

"Life on the road is not easy my friend," sang Lemmy but The Bastard Sons are making it look easy and they're bringing a Motörhead-sized colossus of a show around the country at the moment and if you can manage to catch them at the tail end of this UK tour at Seaton on Monday, Porthcawl on 2nd December and Pontypridd on New Year's Eve, you really are in for a treat.

If you were lucky enough to catch them at Bloodstock or Wacken earlier this year or on this UK tour then you'll appreciate what a fine band they are but this performance surpassed both of the big festival appearances. It's slick, it's free-flowing and it's sharp without losing any of the punch, spontaniety or vibrancy that is essential to this style of music.

phil campbell

The mix of material in the setlist is just spot on as well and it's a pleasure beyond words to hear 'Eat The Rich' played live for the first time for many, many years. Some audience members had never heard it played live before and Neil Starr more than does it justice.

Some people at the front were gesturing at Neil during 'Born To Raise Hell' but the pantomime cries of "he's behind you" had no effect on the larger than life frontman who is more than capable of carrying these Motörhead classics without Dee Snider's assistance. Put simply, Neil owned them tonight.

phil campbell

With confidence levels extremely high and Marshalls turned up as far as Health And Safety will allow, Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons are all set to take aim and make 2017 another massive year, even though they are living day to day and not making big plans.

Lemmy always said that Phil is one of the most underrated guitarists of all time. More of this and all that could change over the coming months and years. He's certainly got the band and the songs to make a huge impact, as demonstrated by this top class performance from a top class band.

phil campbell

phil campbell


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Big Mouth
Deaf Forever
Nothing Up My Sleeve
Take Aim
Sharp Dressed Man
Born To Raise Hell
Sweet Leaf
Ace Of Spades
Eat The Rich
Silver Machine
Killed By Death

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