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'The Awakening'
(Self released)
Out Now

Ian Sutherland
ian sutherland


There is a theory around these days that everything purely original in Metal has already been done as there are only so many notes and so many power chords, and all you can do is pick a strand and put your twist on it or mix up influences into your own unique style.

Whether that theory holds true or not London four piece Derange have seemingly plumped for the latter and mixed up influences as diverse as Rage Against The Machine, Porcupine Tree and Limpbizkit into their own unique Metal smorgasbord.

'The Awakening' is a challenging debut album to take in and it is pretty obvious why this band are often listed as part of the burgeoning tech Metal scene. Fronted by Cat Pereira, her strong yet mellow vocals sound plaintive and emotional on some of the more straightforward alternative Metal sections of the songs giving the band a Lacuna Coil like vibe.

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However Ms Pereira also has a more strident sounding alter ego who can roar out modern growls like Arch Enemy's Angela Gossow on steroids giving the band sound another dimension entirely. Add in a group of musicians who are happier adding in tech Metal twists and turns and prog Metal style changes of rhythm than staying on the straight and narrow and you have an interesting mixture to say the least.

Lead track from the album 'The Thinker' is a fine introduction to what the band are all about, mixing both of the vocal styles with a riff with a bit of nu-Metal groove to it, some harmonies on the chorus and a fine guitar solo while songs like 'Echo' and 'Passive' show off their harsher, tech Metal leanings.

All of the songs are around the three to five minute mark making this album more about short sharp attacks full of angst, atmosphere and musicianship than anything more ambitious.

Given that the theme of the album is, according to the band one of “self-realisation and improvement of the state of mind”, the overall vibe isn't as positive as that sounds without a lyric sheet to check out, and the haunting melody of 'Ruins (Part One)' is a welcome change of feel before part two brings them back to where they are most comfortable.

Vocally there are many songs here where the focus switches back and forth between the clean and growling styles and I really wonder how easy that is to carry off live. I hope I get to find out sometime, I'll be very interested to see this Jekyll and Hyde approach for myself.

This is a very promising yet challenging debut album. There is much to enjoy about it and for me personally a hectic music business schedule of releases which I need to listen to for personal and/or review reasons means I haven't had time to give the depth on show here as much attention as it deserves.

Right now I think this a band worth listening to and I think 'The Awakening' might stay on my personal play list for quite a while as I digest it.

Line up:
Cat Pereira- Vocals
Nick Crosby- Guitar
Joe Macpherson- Bass
Warren de Melo- Drums




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