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Guru Bhai

Guru Bhai

paul di anno

Here's a very casual interview with Paul Di'Anno which took place over the course of a few meals and a post-show drinking session.

I watched Paul perform at the Hard Rock Café, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (review here, and plain enough, his room was two doors down from mine in the same hotel.

Despite his health these days, Paul loves travelling to places and when he is not watching South Park or taking care of his dogs, he loves cooking and is very confident about his Chili Con Carne recipe, and credits his Mum for the inspiration in the kitchen.

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You are constantly traveling and on tour. How do you feel when you leave home this often and what is the drive?

"It's the fans that get me going these days. I often get calls and emails from various promoters around the world. I want to be able to create new experiences and basically, I just want to keep playing music."

What was your ambition when you started out playing music with Steve Harris in the early days?

"We just wanted our music to be heard. We just wanted to express ourselves and show our sound. We were playing every shit hole, every dingy pub in the country that we could. We had the best playing jobs, and were getting some money to pay for the equipment but we also had to pay for some loans here and there which was a nightmare.

"We'd go straight up to Scotland be there and play at 1:30 in the morning and get back all the way to London the same morning."

What do you do back home? Do you often attend other shows/gigs?

"Not really. I live far from London and when I get the chance to take a break from tours, I try to see my friends, have a few drinks and spend as much time with the family as I can. I also go to a couple of the Hell's Angels meetings when I can. I've been in the club for 26 years now. My oldest son is a Hell's Angels member as well."

I noticed a tattoo in Hindi on his wrist which swayed the conversation towards cricket.

Have you always been a cricket fan then?

"I love watching the IPL. I'm actually a Pune Warriors fan. I love indoor cricket as well but Twenty/20 is my favourite. I plan to travel to Pune with my son to catch them play live, instead of just watching them on the TV. I used to play cricket myself, mostly bowling."

Recently you've added Blitzkrieg Bop as the closing song...

"I just want to pay tribute to my idols really. When I had an apartment in New York Dee Dee Ramone used to live down the road and we used to hang out all the time.

"I remember, this was probably 76 or sometime then, I saw The Ramones two nights in a row with Blondie opening for them. This time was the highlight of my life. I've seen The Ramones perform over fifty times now." (Proceeds to show me the Ramones tattoo he's got on his leg).

What's the plan for the next few years?

"We're making a new Killers album which I am very excited about. I'm letting Cliff Evans write all of that.

"There are a few things in store as far as playing live goes. One or two tours of Brazil to start with, as always.

"Brazil is my country. I've lived there for twenty years on and off. I feel such a connection with the people over there. When people say 'Paul Di'Anno, Iron Maiden, England', I say 'no, no, no it's Paul Di'Anno, Brazil.' I've been adopted by them.



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