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'Rock Savage'

Natasha Judge

natasha judge

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Well August certainly turned out to be a rocking month for me; Cambridge Rock Festival, some cracking covers bands all involved in the wonder that is Rhodes Rock, the Classic Rock Show at Chepstow Castle (what a venue that is!) and some excellent originals bands, including a very well attended launch gig in Stoke for one of the best new bands I have seen for a while.

Lawless – a four piece rock band formed by Paul Hume and Neil Ogden (Demon) in 2012 and joined by Howie G (Persian Risk/Howie G Revue) and Josh 'Tabbie' Williams, recently released their first album across Europe and Japan, entitled 'Rock Savage'.

The album is, quite frankly, excellent and within seconds of hearing the opening track, 'Heavy Metal Heaven', I was reminded of exactly why I fell in love with rock music in the 80s. The riffs, the melodic vocals, all underpinned by great bass lines and driving drums combine to deliver a collection of eleven pieces of art (twelve if you get the Japanese version).

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The lyrics are often easy to identify with, and seemingly unusually these days not full of mindless, unnecessary four letter words. Vocally Paul Hume makes it all sound so effortless, melodic yet powerful and just classically rock and roll.

Barely a song goes by that doesn't have a riff that leaves you wondering "How the hell does he play that?" Of course with the very talented Howie G on lead guitar it's made to look easy, though I'm pretty sure it isn't! The guitar solo in 'S.O.S' is a particular favourite and leaves the hairs on the back of your neck on end.

Of course some tracks simply stick in the mind much more than others and that will all be down to personal taste and opinion. However, 'Where Heroes Fall' is a rock ballad that I defy any female (sorry boys, I'm sure some of you will enjoy it too) not to fall in love with.


For me it's up there with those performed by the David Coverdale's, Jon Bon Jovi's and Joe Elliot's of this world, though it isn't a 'love' song in the traditional, 'Love Bites', 'Always', 'Is This Love' way.

'Metal Time' just takes me back to my school days! The opening 'speech' was delivered in my direction on a number of occasions and I bet I am not the only one!

Given that 'Rock Savage' is a debut album and the gig was a debut performance the crowd was amazing, certainly no playing to one man and his dog in a dodgy pub somewhere. Of course with the musicians involved there is an element of an existing fan base, but Lawless are very different to Demon, Persian Risk or Headrush and I would expect that the fan base will increase rapidly in time for their next gig on 7th November at the Sugarmill, Stoke-on-Trent.

There is a reason that classic rock is still so popular; the riffs, the vocals, the tunes all combine to leave a lasting memory and a sense of enjoyment that you don't find so often these days. Whilst I can appreciate the modern day bands and enjoy Heavy Metal nothing will ever match those phenomenal bands of the 70s and 80s. This however comes close.

Visit to have a listen and of course buy the album; you won't be disappointed.

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