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'Get The Hell'
24th January 2014

Gary 'Rockulus' Clarke

Rockulus Maximus


The ninth studio album by these Hard Rockin' and attitude-driven bruisers is most welcome since their last studio offering arrived on our ears back in 2008 and went by the title of 'Get It Together'.

This new album has some notable elements in the background. 'Get The Hell' was recorded over at Willie Nelson's studio in Texas and was mixed by mastermind of The Dwarves Blag Dahlia and Andy Carpenter.

The gravely and familiar snarl of Eddie Spaghetti remains intact naturally and glows in the dark on fast and furious nuggets like 'Something About You' and the expletive-soaked 'Fuck Up'. The title track nestles in nicely after the 'Intro' which merely provides a siren and some panic amongst the masses, announcing the imminent arrival of the new Supersuckers album. 'High Tonight' and Pushin' Thru' maintain the momentum as the personal sentiment and observations ride the lyrical bombardment.

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Cover versions are always intriguing to me and on 'Get The Hell' the first one arrives in the shape of 'Never Let Me Down Again', originally recorded by Depeche Mode. On first glance, you'd be surprised to know that an electronica-based pop/rock band like the 'Mode can be translated by a Rock n' Roll beatin' heart like the brand of fury offered up by the Supersuckers.

Reminiscent throughout of the style and substance of Social Distortion, these guys are a lot of fun. Their rendition of Gary Glitter's Glam stomper 'Rock On!' which the 'suckers tuck on the end of this album, rips it up with plenty of gang-vocals, hand-clappin' and steady beats which are set alight by plenty of distortion. This is my favourite version of the track that I've yet witnessed.

The band assisting 'Spaghetti to create this beautiful noise includes "Metal" Marty Chandler, Dan "Thunder" Bolton and "Captain” Christopher "Chango" Von Streicher providing the solid beat.

Their stamina holds out as they plough through a series of relentless upbeat and in-your-face Rockers in the shape of 'Gluttonous', 'Disaster Bastard', 'Bein' Bad', 'That's What You Get' and 'Shut Your Face'. Quirky in moderation, they all blur in to the same groove and don't shake up the listening experience overly.

The Supersuckers have earned their respect with tours alongside the mighty Reverend Horton Heat, Bad Religion, Butthole Surfers, Ramones and White Zombie amongst a legion of others. They have a distinct sound and honest attitude but sometimes you feel they haven't yet full-filled their own potential by releasing a classic album.

Don't get me wrong, there are many good albums in their catalogue, but nothing makes you exhale with real genuine delight over something that can maintain quality and personality from start to finish without blemishes like throwaway tracks.

This is another example of a good album without reaching dizzy heights. If you're partial to some shout-a-long choruses and good quality Punk-infused Rock n' Roll with a decent production and no ballads, this is going to be your cup of proverbial. On the other hand, if those ingredients don't sit easily with your listening preference then you'd be best advised to avoid because this is an album that doesn't compromise.

Get The Hell
Something About You
Fuck Up
High Tonight
Pushin' Thru
Never Let Me Down Again
Disaster Bastard
Bein' Bad
That's What You Get
Shut Your Face
Rock On!

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