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'Infernal Rock Eternal'
(Nuclear Blast)
Release Date: 17th January 2014

Gary 'Rockulus' Clarke

Rockulus Maximus

chrome division

Are you curious to know what 'Doomsday Rock n' Roll' sounds like? I wasn't too bothered to be honest, but once I cranked up my earphones and kicked the MP3 player in to motion I got a right head-full.

The guitars provide a wall of distortion that's coated in some smooth oils which blast the senses whilst the general groove glides through the noise like a shark fin breaking the surface of the water. This is Rock music with muscles and a growl that feels sincere.

First single 'Endless Nights' is a really strong opener with its own self confidence and a cool segment that takes the listener to the tail end of the track while 'Good Morning Riot' gives the impression of some explosion of sound to kick-start proceedings, but is badly titled as it floats along on a self-assured acoustic instrumental.

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On brief moments throughout this album I hear moments of a beefed up Backyard Babies in the riffs and attitude, then during other times a modern sounding Motörhead spring to mind. It's in your face and sleazy, chunky Rock n' Roll baby! '(She's) Hot Tonight' and 'The Absinthe Voyage' do nothing to dent that opinion.

My ears weren't expecting what came next though. 'Lady Of Perpetual Sorrow' is a moodier song altogether excluding the bombardment of full-on distorted swaggerin'. Handing the baton over to 'The Moonshine Years' sees the grubby and greasy sounding Chrome Division turn out a drunk'n'stumblin' track. Thankfully they find the right gear again as 'No Bet For Free' pumps the juice in the right veins.

'On The Run Again' injects more adventure which remains cohesive and works very well before 'Mistress In Madness' continues their flair for the energetic execution. Complete with whoa-a-whoa, the track throws you head first in to the rampant 'Reaper On The Hunt'.

We're advised to get ready as the reaper is on the hunt again, and I've got to say that I was tempted to hide behind the sofa.

'You're Dead Now' and 'OI' round off what is by all accounts a fine album if you're an addict fighting off cravings for punchy Rock n'Roll with a taste for big sounding riffs and guitars. Somehow they avoid becoming a parody of so many other bands that have entered this particular arena of Hard Rock.

I'm sure when you lend your ears to this album, that you'll hear echoes of familiar bands that ply their trade in this musical environment, but the quality shines through for the most part.

For an album that is recognised as their fourth studio opus, this contains mostly cock-sure, adrenaline-pounding noisy Rock with hints of Metal, Stoner and other such examples of the many sub-genres that exist within the universe of Rock and Metal. This fact alone keeps 'Infernal Rock Eternal' entertaining.

My main issue with this album is when they deviate from what they do best like on 'The Moonshine Years' (not knowing whether to do something acoustic-based or out and out distorted and menacing. I realise that a song that incorporates the word 'moonshine' in the title is allowed to be drunk and disorderly, but it ruined the overall ebb and flow), or setting the scene for the album with a cool acoustic strummed instrumental, when what is to come is something they like to call 'Doomsday Rock n' Roll'.

Good Morning Riot
Endless Nights
(She's) Hot Tonight
The Absinthe Voyage
Lady Of Perpetual Sorrow
The Moonshine Years
No Bet For Free
On The Run Again
Mistress In Madness
Reaper On The Hunt
You're Dead Now

Shady Blue - vocals
Shagrath - guitars
Mr Damage - guitars
Ogee - bass
Tony White - drums

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