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'Any Given Moment'
(Frontiers Records)
Release Date: 23rd August 2013

Gary 'Rockulus' Clarke

Rockulus Maximus

fergie frederiksen

Let me introduce you to a fine singer/songwriter who has provided backing vocals for Survivor, had brief stints as vocalist with Toto, Angel and Le Roux plus some real highlights in and amongst his solo career. This guy is well respected in melodic rock circles and once you get your ears wrapped around 'Any Given Moment' you'll understand that he's the real deal.

This album is his third solo studio album and arrives after the US singer endured a horrendous turn of events regarding his health when he was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2010. Critics and fans hailed his last studio opus 'Happiness Is The Road' as a real gem within a melodic rock back catalogue to be proud of, so what about this time?

You get eleven songs to wrap your ears around, all candy coated in a decent polished production and the ebb and flow compliment the expectations. Those familiar with Issa, who has released three studio albums so far for the same record label, will be delighted to know she makes an appearance featuring prominently on the song 'Not Alone'.

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As part and parcel of the melodic rock scene, the concept of the ballad is something to expect. If you're a fan of those romantic, maybe reflective or introverted moments or maybe those heart-breaking tearjerkers, then you'll be thrilled to hear there are just such events taking place on 'Any Given Moment'. Soak up the atmosphere and emotive sentiment on 'How Many Roads' or 'I'll Be The One' as they wash over you with soft melodies and tender lyrics.

There are subtle tempo changes throughout, and 'Let Go' offers up something a little more upbeat while the title track chugs along with a spring in the step. 'Price Ffor Loving You' is another standout moment and confirms to the listener that this melodic rock release has a sufficient amount of highlights to make it worthy of comparisons with its predecessor.

Looking for epic hooks and a warm slathering of melodic goodness to soothe the ears after one too many alcoholic beverages? Then this could be on your proverbial music player of choice for a while. Sit back and enjoy as Dennis 'Fergie' Frederiksen's confidence grows in his own ability to stand up as a solo artist.

Invaluable assistance from the Italian producer and songwriter Alessandro Del Vecchio and a significant contribution on guitar from Robert Sall, known for his work with Work of Art (check out 'In Progress' if you haven't already done so) and W.E.T., plus Bruce Gaitsch who is better known for playing alongside Richard Marx. They all add to the ambience of what has easily attained the score that you see below. It's good to have another album from you Mr Frederiksen.

Fergie Frederiksen – lead vocals
Alessandro Del Vecchio – keyboards, background vocals
Nik Mazzucconi – bass, fretless bass
Herman Furin – drums
Robert Sall, Bruce Gaitsch, Walter Caliaro, Peter Friestedt, Alessio Berlaffa, Sven Larsson, David Coyle - Lead and rhythm guitars
Roberto Tiranti – background vocals
Ft. Issa Oversveen – duet vocals on 'Not Alone'

Produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio

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