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'The Doctor Will See You Now' (EP)
(Ambicon Muisc)

Joe Geesin

joe geesin

a higher demise

Kent. The garden of England, home of hops, cider, the channel tunnel, and melodic Metal-core in the name of five piece A Higher Demise.

With producer Jason Wilson (You Me At Six/ Ghoust Of A Thousand) at the helm, this is a powerful, well recorded and equally energetic release. No wonder this band have been making waves at London venues such as The Water Rats and Camden Underworld.

Formed in 2012, their debut release was 2013s 'Origins' EP, and this five track release continues is similar fashion, Metal-core at its finest; brutal, fast, nuts-in-the-cement mixer, yet at times melodic, slow, harmonic and powerful, thoroughly enjoyable.

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Opener 'My Therapist Knows You By Name' is blistering and ferocious, proceedings kick off with a full-on sonic assault, and segments of cohesive melodic rock. 'All These Reasons' follows in slightly more melodic fashion, and a hint of alternative. The clean vocals and troll screams alternate well.

'Here We Go Again' has a bassier opening, the riffs and vocals coming in blasts.

a higher demise

The slightly echoey piano intro to 'It's A Trap' is haunting, a sound that continues when the full band come in while closer 'Over And Over' builds well, with some serious rock n'roll rhythms and brutal blasts, it typifies the band's sound in mixing extreme Metal with anthemic vocals and melodic movements.

It's hard to separate Terry's and Dan's guitars as they are both equally brutal and work well together; Charlie's vocals and Rachael's bass do stand out.

The blooded zombie nurse on the cover suits the music, lyrical themes and EP title well.

Melodic Metal to Melt the Mind.

@ahigherdemiseuk: @twitter

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