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Underworld, London

DJ Angel

dj angel

love hate

Gypsy Pistoleros

Sounding very rejuvenated and how I would have wanted a few years ago, gone are the cliche "cowboy sounds" as I would say and not like a rock n' spaghetti western and more of a full on rock band.

It's full throttle from the song 'Too Drunk', wow - what an amazing change from previous experiences with this band and it's great to see a band that actually kick it big time. No matter what sparse crowd at this point the band are giving it their all, and those in the venue like it.

"Sex Drugs & Rock n' Roll' sees Gaz come into his own vocal wise, I'm actually liking what I hear and it has been too long to get to this point in my eyes.

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'Go To Hell' is definitely the track that has defined the change in my eyes, it sees the definitive pistoleros track away from the cowboy b movie themed songs. Iggie was blasting out a solo like he was possessed and is finally coming back into his own as a guitarist.

Gaz thanks people as he's never played the Underworld before and he's enjoying it so much, glad I got to experience the new line up and they got sleazy and loud as it should have been.

'Dirty Side Of Midnight', the single, gets a blasting and is well received and so nice to see. Included in the set is the only old song and cover 'Livin La Vida Loca' is well received and has always been so in their set, but where Is Miley doing a sexy twerk when ya need her.

It's a great new beginning for the boys and can't wait to hear the new stuff in full on album and it's well overdue, onwards and upwards.

Knock Out Kaine

As main support for the tour I'm happy with this choice, as having previously seen then were explosive but let's see. Cue intro, 'America Fuck Yeah' from team America Police which announces the arrival of Knock Out Kaine and people are ready.

It's rock n roll time and opening track 'Sins/Rock You' is rifftastic in my eyes, this band should definitely be doing good things and really are hard rocking pleasure, with great kick ass vocals and enthusiasm.

It's a hard crowd tonight for support bands as we know they are here for Love/Hate and there are a few old school rock punters to prove the point that it's all good rock n roll for sure.

'Skin Star' sees the band thank everybody for attending which gets a bit of scream, the crowd is liking what they hear. The singer is egging people to rock out but looking at the crowd it's a weird feeling as they seem unappreciative again, but I'm rocking out.

It's good to see enthusiasm from a band and some of the crowd are rocking out which is good, as main support I believe that this is good. Last song of the set is 'Save Me' which has a great sing along that evoked a great reaction from there's crowd that was now building up very fast. Somebody save meeeeeeee.

Watch out for Knock Out Kaine at a town near you.


love hate

It's a sad occasion that this is the last stand in london but it's also Jizzy Pearl's birthday so should be such a storming gig. The anticipation awaiting the band can be felt from a distance and ya know I'm pumped to hear Jizzy Pearl scream for the last time.

I'm so happy to be here for sure as we await the boys to kick some ass in London and reminisce about the time that Love/Hate ruled the scene, the U.K has always been a special place for this band. It's been many years since 'Blackout In The Redroom' was released to critical acclaim and I'm happy to be here and party with the birthday boy.

Kicking off with a track from 'Crucified', it's definitely going to be one of those nights. Jizzy is not holding back and the band are very tight, cue the crowd to go crazy like its 1989 all over again.

'Tumbleweed' kicks in and the mosh pit starts and there are people who's hair has long since departed as well the still very glam contingent, the people here are well versed in every song lyric.

'Fuel To Run' sees a good sing along occur and I feel that this is not the last of tonight as everybody seems to know all the words and the place is jumping lots.

A bit disappointed that the whole 'Blackout In The Redroom' album was not done in its entirety as that would have been storming fitting last stand without a doubt. 'She's An Angel' brings me back to ground and evokes why as a youth loved this band. Then it's all guns blazing as everybody goes crazy to 'Evil Twin' and the serious craziness of a very packed gig is fully seen from where I am standing.

'The encore' is very unexpected by a British rock band and is an iconic song - 'Ace Of Spades' ala Love/Hate - awesome stuff. Up and kicking big time the room is still going insane and there is no let up at all... Hell, yes!

'Why Do You Think They Call It Dope' slams out and the place erupts even more, which includes a great audience singalong and it's quite loud, nothing but a few people not singing along. Really this is crazy and a great atmosphere and then we all ready for the final huzzah 'Blackout In The Redroom' and I have to say it has been a very long time since I have seen a crowd like this at The Underworld.

Was the gig good? Hell yes. Was this the fitting goodbye expected? Yes and it's a shame as it was a great mix of songs from the whole back catalogue. Now to await Quiet Riot to come to the U.K with Jizzy Pearl at the vocal helm.




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