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'A Poisoned Kiss To Reality'
(Southern Brigade Records/Scarlet Records)
Release Date: 28th February 2014

DJ Angel

dj angel

the strigas

The Strigas are set to release their long awaited debut album 'A Poisoned Kiss To Reality', having already contributed songs to the film The Crow: Shreds Of Memories directed by P Cinieri in 2013.

I would describe The Strigas as a cross between gothic alternative rock and the sound honed by Scandinavian rockers over the last few years and this is not a bad thing in any shape or form. Lots of comparisons can be made, but that's why you need to give this album a good listen.

The opening track, 'Alone', starts like a machine of iron wheels in gear at a factory, the keyboards and guitars are cranked up and the journey begins. The effective mix of everything in this song means that you get confident vocals and great harmonies, a good start for The Strigas and they have my attention.

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'Until You Surrender' is very AOR rock in every aspect, I have to admit that this one had me wanting to rock out with my air guitar a bit.

There's a special guest appearance by keyboardist Botys (Godyva) in the song 'Falling Down' one of the tracks chosen for The Crow - shreds of memories, it is aptly gothic Metal and I can see why this was chosen. It conjures images of the main character in my mind in a room full of candles and looking at pictures of the past, with flashbacks projected from his memories. Many bands have done movie soundtracks and sometimes when the band are not so well known this has projected them to great heights.

'Sweet Bitterness' is a fast track and could be a hit with listeners, the key ingredients to a rocking feast for the ears. Chugging guitars and synth laden which are well mixed with Fabios' vocals. I think that this could be a a good single release which could gain vast interest. The growl vocal in the song does however bring that essence of hardcore but only for a second, the vocals do have a great bounce to them throughout.

Slowing things down 'Sometimes' has that very melancholy piano laden ballad feeling. I think that is a good idea and then as the track progresses you get the guitars and keyboards which is indignant to every type of ballad. This can never be genre specific in my opinion and no cd is complete without a good ballad.

Having listened to this album quite a few times, I would have to say that it grows on you like wildfire the more times you play it. The Italians definitely know how to produce good bands, let's see this one go to the heights they deserve.

Until You Surrender
Sorrow Queen
Falling Down
Dream Again
The Box
Sweet Bitterness
No Tomorrow
Waiting For Glory
Fade Away

The band:
Fabio – Vocals
Liboria Tesoro – Bass
Ettore Dicorato – Guitar
Andrea Losappio – Guitar
Francesco 'Nitro' Sguera – Drums





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