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Stephs The Club That Rocks
Consett, Co Durham
29th November 2013

DJ Angel

dj angel


It's great that a new venue in the north-east is hosting Tigertailz' final date on the 'Knives Out' tour. As well as being my home town it's been a long time coming to have a great rock venue such as Stephs The Club That Rocks.

Stinger are a local five-piece sleeze, hard rock band are here to slam it tonight. I have seen them play before so let's see. Stinger seem to be very young but have the right attitude with hard rock and it's always good to have some home grown talent make it through the ring.

The singer seems quite lapse whereas the rest of the band are quite energetic. The cover of Free's 'Wishing Well' is going down well during their set and Jimi Hendrix's 'Voodoo Chile' was greatly executed. For me the focal point of the band has to be Sam and Lee the guitarist/bass players, full of charisma and enthusiasm and true showmen even at such a young age.

Finishing with Twisted Sisters 'We're Not Gonna Take It' is a good move, but a lapse cover unfortunately.

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Tigertailz are heading to their stage as the intro 'Bezerk 2.0' is kickin in loud. Get ready Consett. It's time to party as the intro to 'Sick Sex' blasts out and here we go. I'm so happy right now it's unreal, the band are sounding so loud and the floor is bouncing. Jules is doing a great job singing his heart out, then it's old favourite 'Hollywood Killer' which now has that heavier twist to it.

'Living Without You' is sounding loud and proud and up to date; head banging ensues. Although quite a sparse attendance the sound is great sound and a night to be remembered, as it was always going to be a band locals used to travel to see.

'Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You' kicks off the new songs from the 'Knives' EP and they sound great in the set. Jay seems relaxed in the flow of the live set and now after all these years seems rejuvenated.


Jay introduces the band to applause, and then it's time for an old favourite 'I Can Fight Dirty Too' with it's iconic bass lines and Rob is a classic bass player and does it proud. 'Love Overload' see Jules wandering the venue, the people that are here seem to know the song and applause ensues.

'One Life' has me thinking lots about a certain bass player and the band are on full cylinders, each band member reaching their stride. 'Tear Your Fucking Heart Out' from the heavier period of 'Wazbones' kicks out loud and proud, and it's time for a sing along.

Jay dedicates 'Heaven' to Pepsi and I so wanna well up right now as I remember this well. This is a true sign that brothers in glam will always remember Pepsi, It's so emotionally charged for me.I had to retreat to the back of the venue to shed a tear; yes I'm emotional. An emotionally charged gig for me, ended up grooving to 'Twist And Shake' and it's just like 1990 again.

Jay asks for some Geordie accents to 'Punched In The Gutz' and everybody who is here goes a bit wild and sings along as it's so much fun. Even the punk standing next to me is going a bit berserk. 'Call Of The Wild' sees Jules running the venue again and smiles are apparent from the young ladies.


'Young And Crazy' is reprised as well as the song that started my love of all things glam and hard rock 'Star Attraction'; holy Hell - the memories of youth.

'Shoe Collector' is sounding good live but I'm ready for the final track on this great night, yes you guessed it 'Love Bomb Baby' and it's definitely the best UK glam anthem to end a perfect night.

Was it a good night? Yes it was, if you missed out tonight then you would be kicking yourself.


Band members:
Jay Pepper – lead guitar, backing vocals
Rob Wylde - rhythm guitar (2012-2013) - Bass (2013- present)
Jules Millis – lead vocals (2012-present)
Matthew Blakout – drums, percussion (2005-2011, 2013-present)




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