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'Let Us All Unite'
(Metal East Records)

Andy Millen

andy millen


Syrian thrashers and MetalTalk columnists Anarchadia follow up last year's EP with their first full length studio album, 'Let Us All Unite'.

Available for download from the Reverbnation website, this is 45 minutes of no holds barred thrash in the Pantera/Nuclear Assault vein. With a guest appearance by John Schaffer OF Iced Earth, and intelligent lyrics with a very powerful message this is one album not to miss.

The opening track, 'Adagnito' (5.55) starts as the album means to go on. Nour Sabbagh's vocals come in immediately over storming riffs. Typical thrash fashion with riff changes, and blistering solos from guitarists Mhd Siam and Sami Fraihat leave you gasping for breath by the time the outro comes in for the last minute as an ocean of peace.

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Next up is an instrumental - 'Elevation Call' (3.51) - pace and riff changes abound as this pitches as this rolls towards the third track – 'Beasts Of Burden' (4.30) Again, Nour's vocals are exemplary, with Sami Abu Loah's frantic drumming driving the pace as this hits full assault mode.

'Narchaotic' (5.10) continues in the same vein, thrash riffing supporting the growled vocals – the vocals deserve time to sit and focus on through the whole album, a distinct message emerges. This is especially true of 'True World Order' (3.41) which paints a picture of a world full of divisions and discrimination. Jon Schaffer features on this one. "This requires simply tolerance of other cultures and their religious beliefs and values."

The rest of the album follows in the same vein, 'Confronting My Demons', 'Occupy the Wall', 'Demoralise' and the final track 'Devolution' balance well the frantic pace with the need to get the message out. The only difference is The title track, 'Let Us All Unite'. A slower song, melodic music underpins a speech urging us to take on board the fact that we are all free men and unite to bring peace and stability to the world.

The band members are:

Mhd Siam (Guitars)
Sami Fraihat (Guitars)
Sami Abo Loah (Drums)
Alaa Abdullah (Bass)
Nour Sabbagh (Vocals)
and they can been contacted through their Facebook page.

Verdict on this one? Pacey thrash meets intelligent lyrics with a message we could all do well to take heed of.

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