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Ivan David

ivan david


This band reminded me of the warm feeling I had when I was introduced to Swedish melodic death Metal during the late 90s. Symbolic have a good balance of heaviness and catchiness here. The songs have usual verse/chorus structures and the complexity of the riffing and arrangements is wisely regulated with an emphasis on melodyin order to captivate the listener and create a certain appeal.

The interesting aspects of 'Scarvest' are in the big part courtesy of the riffs, guitar licks and melodies. I understand this is supposed to be guitar-based Metal, but with all these well-crafted guitar work and engaging sections I believe there is a lot to potential to have a more interesting dialogue between the musicians by giving a little bit of spotlight to the drums, bass and yes, the vocals.

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Symbolic have a good vocalist, but the first impression I got was not out of the ordinary. At first I assumed that the record was going to be condemned to a down tuned boring growl, which seems to be a bit buried under the mix. However, I was pleasantly surprised to hear songs where the vocals are more varied and expressive.

The title track is a highlight and a great example. The momentum captured by the instruments is effectively led by screams loaded with authentic emotional energy, giving the track a great finale. This expressiveness is somethingthat the first couple of tracks don't show very often, but things get more interesting later on...


The instrumental 'MySery' is next, serving as both a dramatic/atmospheric/melodic intermission and also as an intro for the second half of the record, which for my money is better than the first half, more varied and interesting both instrumentally and vocally.

If I was the producer I would have told these guys to open the record with the song 'Bittersweet'. An aptly titled track that blends a lot of elements with more versatility and creativity that really gave me a more satisfactory journey, evidencing the sounds that Symbolic uses and what the band is capable of.


If the follow up to 'Scarvest' is comprised of more daring and spontaneous songs I truly believe that Symbolic could start a series of groundbreaking musical offerings. I would advise you to get the record and judge by yourself.

Look for a hidden song at the end of the last track. It's always good to introduce a bit of humour in there. I will be checking the next one for sure and if they're playing live anywhere close I could definitively see myself attending.

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