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Ivan David

ivan david

The self-titled debut video from new Heavy Metal unit The Bounded struck me as the perfect introduction to a band that is truly promising.

Everything here has a high degree of professionalism in terms of musicianship and general production, which is not surprising after knowing that The Bounded was formed by Colombian musicians that have been working internationally with numerous acts including Dragonforce, Blaze Bayley, Rogue Male, Savage Messiah and Underthreat among others.

The band's approach is evidently Metal, with a high amount of melody, dynamics to keep you interested and catchy enough to make you hum the tune for a while after you're done listening to it.

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The band was recorded at SOS studios by Carlos Franco and hired the services of Juan Camilo Molano from Red Code Films for the video.

The images have a great treatment and build a rhythm that connects with the music effectively. The Bounded established a great starting point with a video and song that stand out thanks to being heartfelt, heavy, passionate and adventurous by including a prog Metal touch and some traditional Colombian folk music at the end.

What's next from them? I am eager to see...

Check the band's video and Facebook profile and stay tuned!

The Bounded are...

Fernando Politte: Vocals
Nicolas Bermudez: Guitars
David Bermudez: Bass
Mauricio Chamucero: Drums



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