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'The Dawn Of Consummation And Emergence'
(Old School Metal Records)
Release Date: 10th October 2013


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reptilian death

Reptilian Death have been in orbit since 2001 when they were breathed into life by the mighty Demonstealer. They identify as brutal technical death Metallers with a sense of humour, so please note – there is no need to be afraid!

This is their sophomore album so they are tried and tested studio wise. With the expert Demonstealer on board with this band we were expecting very special things indeed and were not disappointed.

This album is one of the best so far this year, superbly well written, sublimely mixed and produced and delivered right to you so all you have to do is listen...

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1. Prim Evil – straight in with a death growl from Vinay in his distinctive style and lots of hard grind and riffs from the guitar, drums are fantastic and bass holding it all together as he grind embeds.

2. Inchoate – guitar, drums, bass and a fantastic intro to showcase Vinay’s vocals – excellent and the making of legend.

3. Stimulate. Hike. Impel. Tear. – drum, hit, drum, hit – vocals and more death metal than you can shake a stick at. Guitars at breakneck speed, Vinay growling and a bit of higher pitch shrieking – bliss.

4. Soaked with the Imperfectations of Purile Blood – more focus on the vocal delivery with this and soundly backed by the guitar with heavy supporting riffs underscored with heavy drumming. Bit of a burp from Vinay at the end...

5. Emerge, Hatred, Emerge – and jump straight in then... lots of strong vocals and drums in the main focus and top drumming from Deamonstealer.

6. Distorted by Bondage Blood and Bestiality – sounds like it will start with a prayer but gives it up for rhythmically arranged guitars and crazy drums – much better choice!

7. Unnervingly Perverted at the Alter – drums first and the rest will follow – and it does with excellent guitar work.

8. Patchwork and the Art of Skinning – drums, guitars, drums, guitar, all at such a crazy pace that the adrenalin rush is trying to catch up! Nice fragile melody in the mid phase... unexpected.

9. O - growls from the get go, another goodie with some classic distinctive heavy metal guitar soloing.

10. Now You Graze Upon Me - children awake o master, the pelude to a nightmare - if this doesn’t keep you awake at night then nothing will.

11. Marvelous Gods – The Apple of My Eye = heavy more than death in terms of guitar and bass but the vocal is most definitely by definition death. The vocals are stand out with another excellent song.

12. Emergence –The World, Your Playground – indeed the world is your playground and blessed are those who have woken up to this way of actually living life. More death metal and thankful we are for it. Top ending to a top album.

The stand out feature across all the songs on this album is that they are all unique, distinctive and utterly fantastic. Each song is expertly and holistically crafted, that might sound like an odd comment but the fact is, no matter what the lead focus is you can always hear the back up and underscore of the rest of the musical contributions. For that very fact along this is one of my top five albums of the year so far.

Reptilian Death will be at Hammerfest in 2014 and are keen to meet fans and fellow Metallers and thus have offered to be available for college festivals and community events where they would enhance the ambience of the event – now there is an opportunity not to miss out on. You can contact the band on

Do yourself a favour and listen up – this is a gem of an album and you deserve it in your collection. 5/5 beers with a Jack Daniels chaser!

reptilian death

Released 2013
All music by Sahil 'Demonstealer' Makhija
All lyrics by Vinay Venkatesh (Bhayanak Maut)
Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Sahil Makhija at Demonic Studios
Assistant Engineer Ashwin Shriyan
Guitar Solos on Track 9 and 12 by Daniel Kenneth Rego (Demonic Resurrection)
Bass played and recorded by Ashwin Shriyan (Demonic Resurrection)
Guitar & Drums played and recorded by Sahil 'Demonstealer' Makhija
All vocals by Vinay Venkatesh
Photographs by Roycin D'Souza (
Artwork by Michal 'Xaay' Loranc (




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