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crash mansion

Crash Mansion are a young, energy infused hard rock band hailing from South Essex, UK.

They have been building their profile through good old fashioned hard work over the last 12 months, releasing their debut EP in 2012 and touring with the rock n' roll royalty of LA Guns, Fearless Vampire Killers and The Dead Lay Waiting.

They have just been confirmed for Download this year with an acoustic set on the Jagermeister Stage on Sunday 16th June so UK based fans can catch up with them there.

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Crash Mansion released their new single yesterday; 'Money' opens with a vocal intro that immediately grabs your attention, guitars crashing about like a Jensen Button and Lewis Hamilton F1 race to the finish and a very respectable sing-a-long chorus.

The release date for their debut album will be announced later this year.

'Money' from Crash Mansion - song of the week? Its a contender!

Crash Mansion are:
Adam Dougan
Dan Philpot
Chris Page
Samuel Scarlett
Kris Donnelly





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