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'Open The Skylights'

roxy the rock dog

tom houston

So, many will have yet to acquaint themselves with the delightful laid back wonder of Scotland's very own Tom Houston. A seasoned performer, multi-talented musician and singer/songwriter who is well known within the scene, his music is laid back while tugging on the heart strings gently.

Sometimes trying to remind those who find themselves further apart from their dreams to rediscover them. Sort of a bit along the same lines as Don Gallardo in the lean toward the melodic blues n' folk end of the Americana genre but home grown, with references to lochs instead of lakes.

Although, having previously lived and formed bands in the USA, Tom is familiar with the Americana influence in the country where the genre was first identified.

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'Open The Skylights' was produced by Neill MacColl, brother of Kirsty and son of Ewan and he is also credited with the ukulele and guitaret contributions on this album.

So, what does 'Open The Skylights' sound like? Nine good self penned songs all skilfully, wistfully and gently delivered makes this album a must have for all Americana fans - and even if only for Sunday afternoons for those who live and party to heavier genres.

1. New World
2. Summer Flies
3. Lingering
4. Out of Reach
5. A Certain Shade of Restlessness
6. Sunshine Days
7. Miracle of Love
8. Cocooned
9. Unspoken

This album is quite simply and beautifully crafted.




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