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'The Great Architect'
(This is Core)


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hate tyler the great architect

OK, so Hate Tyler are an Italian Metal band and this is their debut album, already out now as of earlier this month. They are: Davide Grillo (vocals) Marco Pastorino (guitars) Federico Maraucci (guitars) and Liuk J. Abbot on drums.

Marco wrote and created all the music on this debut album with support from the rest of the band with the music arrangement. The band themselves report they are happy with this debut album as they are not easily dropped into one Metal genre but cover many, sometimes three or fouer all in the same song. So, with individual ownership plus versatility on offer this could be good.

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Time to settle down and listen. Before kicking off with the first track, 'Devil Park', can I just check and ask that those of you holding anything put it down now – especially if it is something precious, like a full pint or an infant. The reason being this track starts with a decent Metal intro, a bit melodic in a mean n' moody way but at one minute and eleven seconds a quick diversion down the thrash route kicks in. Being a thrash aficionado and also remembering when the genre was born I am more than amenable to this genre blending, its unexpected but also good music!

The band themselves say their favourite track is 'The Different' but for me it is 'Anything Else'. The reason for this track being outstanding is that it is multi-layered; guitar/guitar/guitar plus strong melody before it all breaks down into the bass grind with the drums picking up the pace again with more guitar and the vocals are differentiated in delivery.

The rest of the album continues in a similar style – thrash incorporating heavier Metal with the occasional brief visit to a melody.

1. Devil Park
2. Hatetyler
3. Stop Me
4. The Different
5. Need To Hate You
6. Inferno
7. Anything Else
8. Welcome To Tortuga
9. The Great Architect

If you like thrash and can stomach a little bit of Metal on the lighter side then this is worth checking out, if you like - for example - Slayer but cannot in any way tolerate melodic vocals then stay clear.

I am off to check Amazon's music department to see if they are selling this yet and listen to a little bit of lighter Slayer 'South Of Heaven' while I do so – I feel inspired!



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