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  D-A-D, '77, TARAS
The Garage, Highbury, London
3rd April 2014



Regrettably I missed the first set from Taras, only catching the last song. Vvery gutted as these Danish ladies were chomping out some dirty gritty rock, raw with hints of modern blues punk and knowing their instruments well.

With stage presence high and the enjoyment of being on stage performing to a warm crowd, the girls proved themselves worthy as this outfit came first out of around 300 bands to play this show. They also appeared in an advert with D-A-D in Denmark.

The Danish beer industry (Royal Unibrew and Carlsberg - which also produces Tuborg and Somersby) accounts for a lot of music endorsement/investment not just at Danish festivals, but worldwide. Royal's music campaign, 'Tak Rock', is current celebrating D-A-D's 30th anniversary with an advertising campaign, including this TV advert (below) and a secret gig under the guise of Slow Rampage only revealing their true identity after the first track, and also gave an all expenses paid trip to play this show.

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Royal Unibrew 'Tak Rock: D-A-D'

'77 came to the stage rearing to rock and they kicked ass. Without a doubt they will forever be dubbed an AC/DC band, much the same as Airbourne, but I find it to be more an influence than a copy.

They have more groove with a 70s rock base and the band play solid as hell. The drums and bass steam forward like a locomotive and the guitarist, well much like Angus, he rocks out and is more than energetic.

'77 - 'Gimme A Dollar'

By now The Garage was packed. It was hot, the crowd were eager and the buzz in the atmosphere was fantastically positive; there must have been a lot of Danes.

D-A-D lead with an instrumental, their backs to the crowd rockin' out to themselves before taking on the crowd. I can't really explain just how fun and good this gig was; it makes a change to see fans singing and getting excited about watching a band. Us English are too bloody conservative and need to let our hair down in more than just the physical sense.

The enjoyment was high, the crowd were loud, singing along and at times taking over the vocals. You couldn't fault the band at all, all fantastic musicians but of course, you have to mention Stig's basses; all custom two strings: two perspex, a skull, a giant machine head with a tiny guitar for the head, an American car tail fin with working lights and a massive rocket.

There really is no wonder how this band have made 30 years; D-A-D rock! Though I'm not so knowledgable with their back catalogue, it doesn't matter, every track was a belter with a mix of rock and bastard blues, oh and then the bounce with 'Monster Philosophy', the slow blues with 'I Won't Cut My Hair' and finishing off with 'It's After Dark', the perfect end to a great night.

beer beer beerbeerbeer



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