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Release Date: 24th February 2014



Black Metal baby! But with a breath of fresh air. These Finns have brought some light onto the genre, think of a more bouncy Satyricon.

First track 'Conquer All' sets a good tone for the album and in fact, I think even non black metal fans can enjoy this. 'Art Of Ascension' perhaps a little hard rock sounding, 'Living Water', whilst a slower track, still has pace and a driving rhythm.

Self proclaimed to have no boundaries, this is represented in the music by the Spanish style solo in the breakdown and gives us a gloomy and disturbing middle whilst 'Live Forever' treats us to a full on piano solo.

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'Ecstasy And Rapture' takes us on an epic journey of groove and abstract and you could be mistaken for thinking your iTunes has skipped onto random for 'None', its like a better sounding DevilDriver.

'Elevated Existance' leads us out starting off again with that bouncy groove but ending more dark and heartfelt.


Eight tracks and 45 minutes in length, each clocking over five minutes (bar the piano interlude of 'Honey In The Lion'), may seem on the short side but it keeps it sweet and leaves you with a thirst for more, a hunger to want to see the band live on stage.

For a debut release this really is something to be proud of!





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