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I'm sure you all know this band by now but now is the time to start taking them seriously.

I've liked them from first stumbling across their video for 'No One Survives' just before their Download announcement last year, and an awesome performance that was...

I expected the band to be donned as goblins, or one of them, but no, they just have their own goblin 'Bez'! But a gimmick they are not, fun yes, and going strength to stregth it would seem wth a support with Limp Bizkit this month.

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So in a nut shell imagine a quirky power metal version of Protest The Hero; great! Hence their stylisation of Powercore.

The mini album gets stronger with each track; a good way to go.

'Powercore' displays the best vocals I recon, 'Derailed' has phenomenal bass, similar to The Agonist, finally with a 'Giraffe'. Well, what else would you find in the jungle?!


This sounds like a kids cartoon theme tune - maybe it's the steel drums and accordion!

All round good family fun!




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