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Epic Studios, Norwich




Terji: Would you like a beer?

X: Of course!

T: What is this? Oh, cider.

X: Skål!

Gunnar: Bottums oop!

T: So what intriguing questions are you going to ask us?

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X: Well, whilst researching into Tyr I discovered some facts that I had no idea about you! For some reason I thought you were Finnish, but you're actually from the Faroe Islands! I'm aware a little bit about the islands, such as that it is part of the Kingdom of Denmark but originally settled by Norwegian vikings, the landscape is isolated and very beautiful and the girls are very beautiful.

G: Another thing you don't know, the guys are very beautiful too!

T: The guys, oh my!

X: Haha, so you've got plenty of inspiration and you cite traditional music that is still passed down by generations as a something that inspires you. I was wondering if you could give us a little song?

(Gunnar and Tirji proceed to sing)

T: That is one of the most known party songs

X: Amazing, you've made my week! Now the only thing I didn't like in Denmark is their bitter drinks.

T: Gammel Dansk?

X: Urgh yeah!

T: It's a terrible one


G: Oh no no no, we've got much better in the Faroe Islands.

T: It's [bitters] only popular with the alcoholics, they love it cuz it gets them drunk.

X: How about Underberg?

G: Ah that's alright

T: It's OK

X: Ah man, it makes me cry!

T: Oh you sit alone in the bed and cry when you drink Underberg? (laughs)

No Underberg is very good for hangovers, when you fell the pain you take one and then it's all fine. Hey, you can come to me and drink one with me and I'll make sure you won't cry!

X: Haha, brilliant! So what native drinks do you have in the Faroe Islands?

G: Umm, we don't have that many native drinks, but just recently they have made Eldvatn, which means fire water, which is a vodka made from Faroese water, and it's exceptionally good, it's actually the best vodka I have ever tried! And we are sponsored by it, yeah!

T: Yes it is very good vodka! But we always forget to bring it on tour with us, we're fucking lazy.

G: It doesn't have that bitter taste after it, it's totally clear.

T: But when you drink it it has that omph that you need.

X: So what is the community spirit like at home when it comes to metal music - is there any metal bars?

G: No no, There is a lot of music, a lot of musicians everywhere and it's all kinds of music.

T: And all the musicians are in all the bands and spread out.

G: But we never did that, we stayed in just one band.

T: We only play in Týr, but Heri, his solo band, Hejireyga, they are all other musicians in other bands. But there is one band that is getting popular now, Hamferd, they have been on tour with us.

X: So they're a Týr top tip!

T: Yes, they're a doom metal band, the're pretty good.


X: These days with the internet it's easier to not be so isolated in terms of reaching out

G: Well it's not that isolated, it's a pretty modern place. But I wouldn't know, I've not been there for 15 years!

X: How was it back before the internet was a major communication tool?

T: Gunnar still has no internet!

G: Fire on the carpet, that works every time!

T: Did you understand that, I didn't! (laughs)

We wouldn't have come anywhere! We are the only band from the Faroe Islands that has come anywhere and it's only come through the internet because our former label was promoting us and without the internet we'd still be stuck there.

G: We would have been raving alcoholics with nothing to do!

T: Well I am!

X: Unless you moved of course.

T: Yeah we also did that.

X: The other thing that surprised me was how long you guys have been going, it's actually been 15 years now since you got together!

T: We were actually talking about this the other day, Gunnar thought it was only ten years.

X: What's stood out for you over this time - highlights, lowlights?

T: For me it's playing festivals in Faroe Islands.

G: We played one this summer and that was probably one of the highlights of my life.

T: 15,000 people, that was really amazing. And the downlow is that Gunnar gets naked every time back stage, I don't want to see that! Actually that's a highlight, I wanna see that!

G: (laughs) You shouldn't say that! There hasn't been that many downs, probably financial wise.

T: Open, what's open?

G: What?


T: Im talking about his ass, he didn't get it! (laughs)

X: Ah, thanks for the clarification!

X: You've just released your 8th studio album

G: It's actually the 7th, the other is an EP

X: I'll attempt to say it; "Valkyrja"

T: "Val-chy-rya"

X: What does it mean?

T: Valkyrie

X: Oh, of course! Tell us about the concept for this album?

T: We had so many problems with women

G: No surprise!


T: The basic concept of the album is about women and how difficult they can be and also how good they can be. And we wanted to write an album about sex, did it work?? (laughs) Women aren't good all of the time, man, but most of the time they're alright.

X: A kind of way to get you're frustrations out?

T: I don't know about that

X: Not that kind of frustration!

T: Oh, we do that in our bunk! (laughs)

G: You do?

X: With the curtain closed I hope!

T: No!

X: Haha, well I guess that adds a little more danger to it

T: Makes it more fun, having a look into the eyes of the other

G: Yeah I will always look into your bunk

(Gunnar and Terji gaze at each other)

X: And you have bravely chosen to cover Pantera's 'Cemetry Gates', what's the story there?

T: That's my favourite song. None of the other guys like Pantera.

G: I do!

T: Which album do you like?

G: Every, of the old stuff

T: Well this is the first time I heard this!

G: Cowboys From Hell? Come on, everybody likes that!

T: But it's the same as 'The Lay Of Thrym', we also did two covers, Dio and Black Sabbath. That is the favourite of Heri and Kári, our old drummer.

G: It was not Dio, it was Rainbow in fact. 'Stargazer' and 'I'. It's something that came cuz they [label] always ask for extra material and for a long time we'd thought maybe we should cover a favourite song from everyone in the band, so we split it into two records.

T: And his favourite is 'Where Eagles Dare' by Iron Maiden. I was kinda scared because I was recording Dimebag Darrell's solo's but people have been responding very good so far. I recorded like, eight guitars for the first solo.

G: There is a lot of guitars, more than you think actually.

T: A fuck load of guitars, but it's also in the original. What do you think? I hope you are satisfied!

X: I was relieved it is good, yes!

T: What do you think about the solo in the middle?

X: Well I don't remember anything being bad so that is a good thing, but I'm a drummer so I listen to the drums.

T: But you don't remember it either. You're a drummer? Why the fuck are we talking to you then? (laughs)

X: And you have a duet with Liv Kristine of Leave's Eyes, how did that come about?

T: Our singer was at Wacken and he sang a song with Leaves' Eyes.

X: Ah so she returned the favour?

T: She actually really wanted to sing on our album

G: And we actually had a song which fitted her, so we did that.

X: We're now joined by drummer, Amon!

Amon: Hi!

X: Will you be joining the band long term or is is it temporary?

T: NO! whoha! (laughs)

A: No I'm just filling in.

X: How old are you by the way?

A: 26, I'm actually the youngest one on this tour! And also the prettiest one.

T: He's a baby! Did you say prettiest one? You can't compete with Gunnar!

X: How's this experience for you?

A: Oh it's really good, a really good experience

T: He was on Pagenfest in 2008 so we know how difficult he can be!

X: That's drummers for you! I'm a drummer I can say that

T: If he doesn't work out you can join!

X: Deal!

X: So initial chartings so far have been really good in not just Europe but also over in the states! Have you played over there?

G: Many times!

T: What, do I masturbate every day? (laughs)

X: So what's next for Týr after this tour?

T: Tomorrow I am going to go to the toilet and then masturbate. Maybe I'll have my ipad with me, I'll notify everybody. But the tour bus is so hot so we all have our curtains open.

A: Ugh the air-conditioning is broken it's horrible

X: Oh, so just all have to walk around naked

A: Yeah of course, help each other masturbate and stuff, that's what friends are for.

X: well I guess that's better than the left hand!

G: He's left handed!

T: He's really handy!

X: Oh, but you don't play the kit left handed though do you?

A: No, I'm strange like that

X: Well thanks for all the insight guys

T: Next time, lets talk about masturbating a little less!

G: We have a lot planned for the future actually. It's just a matter of time for the feedback of the album till we announce more.

T: Oh yeah and we're also going to Israel for the first time for Folk-fest on November 9th with Korplikaani.

G: And Russia, a long tour there.

X: Careful at the border crossings!

T: We know, we put a cork in our asses! (laughs)

X: amazing, thanks guys!



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