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'Swedish Empire Live' (Audio)
(Nuclear Blast)




Sabaton are by far one of the greatest live acts for me, energetic, fun, involving - what's not to love? But a live album is a tricky thing.

Personally I'm not really a fan of them at all. A live DVD is fine as you can see the performance, but do you really wanna just sit and hear the band play with bad sound, off key and not play it quite the right? But it's a risk bands take!

So how does 'Sweedish Empire Live' fare? Well actually not too bad! They get around the songs being slightly different (ie solo or drum fills) as 3/5 of them are new. And the audio quality is actually quite nice, there's a nice even level of all instruments, it's all clear yet it still has the live element to it - especially with the almost as loud audience.

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Sabaton: 'Uprising'

The audience are positive and vocal throughout, evidence that the band are truly loved and well known. No awkward interludes, just friendly banter from Joakim, happy as ever to be performing and most grateful as ever to have the honour to do so.

Filmed in Poland at the Polish Woodstock festival of 2012 to a crowd of over 600,000 Metalheads, the band also dedicate '40:1' in honour to the resilient Polish army of WWII and a song about that very fact.


The release boast several formats, the most attractive package being a set of 2x blu-ray/DVD + Bonus DVD + CD + a 48 page earbook, includes footage from the Sweedish Empire performance at Poland Woodstock, World Tour, live in Oberhaussen, live in London and a short movie on The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation - so you reading now know what to get me for Xmas, right?

With a pretty big sizeable back catalogue, a good range is offered:

01. The March To War
02. Ghost Division
03. Uprising
04. Gott Mit Uns
05. Cliffs Of Gallipoli
06. The Lion From The North
07. The Price Of A Mile
08. Into The Fire
09. Carolus Rex
10. Midway
11. White Death
12. Attero Dominatus
13. The Art Of War
14. Primo Victoria
15. 40:1
16. Metal Crüe
17. Panzer Batallion

So there you have it, the big package is a must have for all Sabaton fans!


In other news:

The 2013 Sabaton Cruise is sold out, in less than two weeks, for a fourth year running - this year without any other acts announced!

Rockstad Falun Open Air, held in Sabaton's home town, changed it's name to Sabaton Open Air this year. 2014 carries on this name with Tyr, Amaranthe, Deals Death, Imber and of course Sabaton.

Sabaton are not Nazi's! Some Russian nuts decided otherwise and tried to get them banned from all of Russia! Sabaton is and has always been a NON-POLITICAL and NON-RELIGIOUS band and holds a lot of respect for the veterans of war and the heroic and non-selfish acts that were performed in a time of need.

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