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(Basick Records)
Release Date: 24th June 2013



uneven structure

Oh my what have these Franco's done! I fell in love with this band upon the release of 'Februus' in 2011, and now I have to do it all over again! A pleasure not a chore as this band is fast becoming an obsession of mine.

So this release, is a re-recording of the band's first EP, '8'. For comparison purposes for the former I shall write '8', and the latter as 'Eight'. I believe the title is stylised as '8' both times but the title track has been written differently, so this will help us get through the article!

The EP is a symphony of djenty progness of the highest order comprising of 8 movements, with TessercT's jangle, Meshuggah's djun djun and a haunting take on the epic ambient uplift of Devin Townsend. This is the sound of the band throughout, consistent, epic and awesome. The tracks fill you with powerful emotion from ambient soundscapes, eargasmic guitars and riffs and a jisstastic inspiring drumming typhoon.

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So how does the new compare to the old. The major difference is the vocals, originally more gritty and shouty, now more controlled and clear, quite delectable., they make me shiver. 'Eight' I think has a lower tone were as '8' was slightly higher and I feel a little faster. Most of '8's tracks were longer but taking the title track on 'Eight' to a full 8 minutes takes the EP four minutes longer at 24m. Is this getting confusing?

From the band that gave me more goosebumps than Norway, I think this remake was a great idea, 'Eight' has more groove and is deeper. Readdressing their routes is obviously helping the band move forward. The band are " their batcave working on a concept which is more engaging allowing room for experimentation and broadening their spectrum", sounds amazing!

Uneven Structure - 'Frost' and 'Hail' from the debut album, 'Februus'.

With the music scene up in the air at the moment and no one not really knowing what will happen to their music or labels, progressive metal seems to be keeping the faith with their dedicated fan base lapping up what material they can get hold of from their favourite artists and of course the bands happy to oblige, providing EP's as a kind of side step from the main albums. Collecting albums and vinyl is popular and if it means bands get to release more music and make a living then it can only be a good thing.

uneven structure

Uneven Structure are adapting well to this format. This progressive band is a developing machine, with an amendment to their lineup and progression of their sound the band wanted to readdress the EP and thank the fans with a new version, available in various bundle deals: My next purchase will be going here!

For fans of Meshuggah, TesseracT, Devin Townsend
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