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'A Bright Celestial Light'
(Agonia Records)



the moth gatherer

What do we have here? I was quite intrigued with this Swedish band's music being offered as "Hard to label/experimental/progressive". Should we expect something like Opeth? I find it closer to No Made Sense Vs Baroness Vs Mogwai, what a great mix!

The Baroness link comes mainly from the ballsy vocals where as the music could be attributed to a more raw sounding NMS. The experiments aren't too way out there and the prog tag comes courtesy of time signature variances, breakdowns and crescendos. The contrast of easy tempo's to heavy resurgences is reminiscent of Mogwai. What more could you need to know?!

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The debut is five tracks spanning 45 minutes and lyrically themed on death and missing a loved one, finishing with the sombre, 'A Falling Deity'.

I find the music powerful as much as in the aforementioned bands and whilst reminding me positively of those bands this isn't a generic unoriginal sound, it also contains occasional gentle electronics and keyboards in the soft atmospheric moods.

I'm loving listening to this album it really does the trick. Even with this small write up there's no point in padding with rambling tripe to make it sound like I know more than I do so here, try before you buy:

...and proceed to checkout with a wicked album!

For fans of; Neurosis, Pelican, Breach, Cult Of Luna, No Made Sense, Mogwai.

Also listen to; No Made Sense - The Epillanic Choragi

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