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Xander: I'm at Wulfrun Hall in Wolverhampton with Jay and new guy Ashe from TesseracT, hello!

Ashe: "Hi."

X: How did you get in the band??

A: Well, Basically after Elliot left the band there was an announcement and there was a lot of budding entrepreneurs trying to fill the slot, and get the vocal part, ahem. Acle got in touch with me because I was recommended to him by Paul Rivers, the promoter at the Crawford Arms in Wolverton.

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X: Oh so you didn't apply?

A: Oh no. I'm in a band at the moment, Voices From The Fuselage, and that's how I met Paul and he put my name forward and things took off from there. I got sent an instrumental and wrote over it.

Jay: I think that was Nocturne wasn't it?

A: Yeah it was. Basically it was Nocturne but with bits missing from it and I think we changed one little bit of it, and that was basically my audition.

X: Was tonight your first gig with the band?

A: Oh no no no no, we had a little mini tour around Europe

X: Oh that's right and you did Euroblast...

A: Yeah and we did two gigs over here, Brighton and The Crawford Arms, then Germany for Euroblast, France and the Netherlands.

J: That's really well remembered, I couldn't remember when you were saying where we'd been.

A: I couldn't remember who I was!

J: I don't know what you are!

X: How has the transition of introducing Ashe into the band been?

J: It's been pretty easy, It's been a pretty painless process. We found him pretty easily andI think he was the first audition, Acle?

Acle: Uh?

A: I think I was the first person to send back an audition.

J: Yeah, and because we've always kinda of rushed because we feel we're in the position where we're in a rush, we thought right, we're gonna hear a few auditions first and nothing compared really, we thought wow, so we went with this man here and life is good again.

X: So he fits in the band well?

J: Yes. He fits like a glove.

X: Tight

J: Silky!

A: I'm concerned where this conversation may be going!

X: Compared to your band, Voices From The Fuselage, have you been playing gigs on the same kind of scale?

A: Nothing compared to TesseracT.

X: How are you finding it?

A: I still feels like I've not done it, like when you think about something for so long and imagine how it would be like and it's quite surreal and fantastic and amazing. I don't know how to describe it really but it's where I belong.

X: So it feels comfortable?

A: Yeah although apparently I show a lot of nerves on stage but that's something that will change with time.

X: How are you finding TesseracT's routine, where are you based?

A: I'm from Wolverhampton but I'm based in Hove near Brighton, studying music at Uni.

X: Oh so that's a fair distance to travel then!

A: Oh well I'm so used to it now, I hate trains now but it's only a 2.5h journey.

J: The UK is tiny anyway and we share everything on the internet.

A: You don't realise how small the UK actually is until you travel it and you think wow, Brighton is 132 miles away.

J: But you're only 40 minutes from me and I'm 40 minutes from the studio, though it takes us three hours to set up.

X: OK. Well you're moving into album number two, all the material is written right?

J: Yes.

X: So you just need to add the vocals now, how's that coming along?

A: It's going really well, we're on a tight schedule but at the same time I don't want to rush it too much, but there's ideas flowing and I've tracked a lot of things. And every now and then I go up to Acle's and track some more ideas and get the verdict from the man in charge.

X: So there is more than the one input for vocal ideas?

A: Oh definitely. I don't know if Acle would want people to know this, but he sends me some vocal ideas that he sings, he's got a very nice voice.

X: Oh really!

Acle: (from the background) 'Ahhhhhhh'

A: Yeah and that inspires me and my ideas will inspire him for polishing the structure of the song.

X: Whilst you were touring 'One' you played me a few of your demos, are any of those in the final cut?

J: Ah! There's going to be riffs of the stuff you've heard in the new stuff. Everything we've had before the last six months other than 'Eclipse', with Elliot, has all been restructured and re-written, it's a constant cycle evolving. You think it's finished and Acle works on it and makes it better.

X: So what's the situation for this tight schedule?

J: Yeah it's real tight, to release it early next year we've got to finish it on January 29th.

A: And that's everything; recording, mixing and mastering.

X: Is that yours or the labels (Century Media) deadline?

J: That's the label's deadline, we've got to have it handed in by then.

X: Sounds like homework!

J: Ha ha it is!

A: It is, but with a lot more at stake.

J: We don't want to rush it and we've already missed one deadline because we didn't want to hand in what we had and we didn't want to rush and try and finish it for now because it wouldn't be the best thing we can do. To be honest, in a perfect world, we would want to go into the studio and record it all again, like we did with 'One', and just redo it and redo it, but you've got to draw a line and because of the stage we're at and because of the amount of vocalists we've been though we need to keep the ball rolling and we need to put something out. We want to do the tours and the festivals and we don't want to miss the boat.

A: There's a certain amount of redemption.

X: Speaking of tours, you've had a great couple over in the states, got another penciled in?

J: Nothing I know about at the moment, there's always something going on. Fingers crossed we'll be on a load of festivals.

X: How about going East again?

J: You know what I'd love to go back out there. We're still in contact with everyone over there who organised the shows last time. We all want to go back to India with out a doubt. There and America are the two places I want to go back to, I want to do Japan and I want to do the world!

X: Japan would be ace!

J: Japan WOULD be ace!

A: I wanna be there!

J: I know there was a bit of talk about Australia but that would be a lot of fun as last time we were only there for three days! It was hard.

A: Kinda poke your head in the door and say hi/bye!

J: We spent longer traveling than we did in the country!

X: Now you're playing again with Devin!

J: It's a really short tour, but it's a really cool tour. We're going to Glasgow which is going to be cold, Manchester, Bristol and Southampton with Fear Factory too. It's great to be back with the DTP guys, we saw the 'Retinal Circus' the other day too.

X: Did you go?!

J: Yeah, well I got a message from Ryan, I'm name dropping now, he said 'Dude, are you coming?' and I didn't have a ticket, so he sorted me out which was bloody beautiful. So we went down and it was the biggest que for any show I've ever seen. It was a mind blowing show, unbelievable, gotta get the DVD. We were so lucky because we were in a massive private bar with only a few guys from Metal Hammer, great, free bar!

X: Amazing! Well that about wraps up the interview with just one last question to the new guy to update my survey in the quest for the ultimate baked dairy product. Ashe, what is your favorite cheesecake?

A: Ah New York Cheesecake. Just plain, fuck the fruit.

X: Whey mine too, nice choice - high 5.

J: Nostrils?

X: Nice choice! ;)



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