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the 69 eyes x

So I sit here very unsure as to what to write for this album. I have had it for several weeks now and have given it a try but it really does nothing for me at all, though admittedly this listen as I write is reaching out to me a little more.

Opening track, 'Love Runs Away', like all the tracks that follow, opens with potential but just doesn't amount to anything. Lyrically the themes are typically dark, Gothic and sexy but bordering on unimaginative or rather, unoriginal.

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Trailer Part 1

The music is crystal clear and tight, well played and composed yet there is just nothing to look forward to, certainly nothing on the scale of 'Perfect Skin' or 'Dead Girl's Are Easy'. In fact, every time I've listened I constantly forget that I'm listening to music and then wonder who is playing in the background.

If you have the deluxe iTunes version then you're treated to the track 'Rosary Blue', featuring Kat Von D, but even that's not much to boast about. Perhaps the Bonus DVD will be something to look forward to..?

Trailer Part 2

I don't want this to be a slam review as the musicianship is excellent, the guitars sound great and Jyrki's vocals are strong and pass on well the emotions of each track.

First single, 'Red', is probably the standout track of the album aching with desperation and wreaking of loneliness. 'I Love The Darkness In You' attempts to be more upbeat but come the acoustic guitars in 'Borderline', a nice song, but I just lose interest and forget to listen again.

If you get to the end then you're bidden farewell with a pretty disappointing ending with 'When A Love Comes To An End'.

Trailer Part 3

After many listens 'X' hasn't exactly grown on me. It's not a rubbish album but it doesn't grasp my attention as it's basically a bit boring.

Die hard fans of the band may not be quite so disappointed but unfortunately I can safely say this tenth effort from the band is not a must have by any means. Try before you buy by watching the above (very brief) trailers for 'X'.




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