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  BEST OF 2012

Elle Hudson

elle hudson

rival sons

Best Band: Rival Sons

Encompassing everything I ever loved about classic rock, a thoroughly excellent band, their album 'Head Down' will definitely stand the test of time.

Best Album:

A good year for new albums but as a die-hard fan of the Wildhearts it's got to be Ginger's '100%' album. This guy's songwriting just gets better and better.

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Best Single/EP: Huron's 'War Party'

This is as about as Metal as I can handle and it's excellent. The band are local to me so it's good to see them doing so well and 2012 has been a good year for them.

Best Gig:

A tough one but think I've got to say seeing UFO back on stage was pretty damn awesome; hearing those timeless tracks again at a much smaller venue was quite something.

Best Promo Video:

Little Angels, my guilty pleasure. Being able to see the vids of the gigs I couldn't get to this month has been excellent.

Best Festival:

For line up alone it's got to be Download but for the whole festival experience I'd say Isle of Wight. Going out to the island, being able to leave the festival site and be laying on a sandy beach within half an hour, what's not to love!

Most Annoying Moment:

The realisation of how out of control the ticketing system has now got for major league bands which borders on outrageous greed. Thinking specifically of the Rolling Stones extortionate ticket prices. Would like to see some real legislation bought in to bring this under control, secondary ticketing, touts, the lot, shot to pieces and fill those arenas once again with fans and not the hospitality clientele.



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