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'In Your Name'
(England Street Records)
Release Date: September 10th 2012

Elle Hudson

elle hudson

electric river in your name

Having never previously heard of this band I had no idea what to expect and it's fair to say I'm glad this release came in my direction!

Hailing from the Kent/London area, Electric River release their five track CD, 'In Your Name', on England Street Records and what they deliver is an seriously impressive selection of tracks that sit well comfortably alongside Big Country and many rock acts past and present with the sort of bouncy pounding rock beats and catchy fist in the air sing along choruses.

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On first listen I immediately thought of those Drive type rock compilation CDs best played up loud with the windows open when cruising along the motorway. Yes, the songs really are that good.

For a band that is still relatively a local act playing pubs and clubs with some festivals and support slots thrown in they seem to be doing remarkably well and it's easy to see why.

On title track 'In Your Name' the distinctive Springsteen sound is crawling all over it. It's anthemtic and radio friendly and one of those tracks that becomes instantly memorable.

Other tracks include 'Happy', 'Hold Your Nerve' and 'Still' with an acoustic version of 'In Your Name' and while it's tempting to draw comparisons with other bands I think sometimes it's unfair and all too readily pigeon holes the band.

But what is refreshing is to hear a band producing some feel good foot tapping rock and long may it continue!

Electric River deserve a listen and I so wish they were playing in a pub near me, that's for sure!



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