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'Sin And Bones'
Century Media

Jeff Kunze

jeff kuntze

fozzy sin and bones

After two albums of cover songs Fozzy released their first all original album, 'All That Remains', in 2005, the breakthrough album 'Chasing The Grail' in 2010 and now 'Sin And Bones'. The band is fronted by pro wrestler Chris Jericho, along with members of Stuck Mojo including Rich Ward and Frank Fontsere, Billy Grey (Dangerous New Machine/formerly of Sick Speed) and Paul Di Leo.

The album is diverse with its different tempos and tones but stays cohesive in its power and approach. The overall sound and arrangements are clearly a production of Rich Ward. He continues to create the blueprint to Fozzy's evolution.

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The eerie opening sounds of 'Spider In The Mouth' open the door to the nightmares the song is about, along with a crushing riff that blasts into a stranglehold of a chorus. It's a perfect lead into the first single, 'Sandpaper', featuring M Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold.

This cut slices the air with a bashing beat and melodic drive; then add some vocal breakdowns and it's an arena rock anthem. The sonic push continues on 'Blood Happens' with it's jackhammer pulse during the verses. The pace slows for the potent 'Inside My Head' before the title track 'Sin And Bones'. Guitars come from all directions with thick riffs and harmonics pulling you along another hook induced chorus.

The album includes two epic voyages. The first is 'A Passed Life' which runs just about seven minutes. It's a darkened gloomy song that stirs up emotion with tempo and dynamic changes throughout. The bluesy rocker 'She's My Addiction' and mid-tempo 'Shine Forever' work up to the standout 'Dark Passenger'.

Mixing orchestration with a strong chorus, sludgy riff, and a ripping guitar solo, it's one of the album's best songs. The second epic, 'Storm The Beaches', closes out the record. It runs almost twelve minutes and tells the story of a soldier storming the beach on D-Day.

Musically and lyrically it's a powerful song as it rumbles along at a blazing pace, slowing only for a few minutes before being swept back into madness of the soldier's battle and demise.

Fozzy have created a Metal monster with 'Sin And Bones'. It's drawn from the stables of classic Metal bands but revved up into the now. It's all about power, hooks, riffs, and melody; but most of all, it's about Metal.



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