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'Odd Ethics'
(Abyss Records)

jools green

Jools Green

humangled odd ethics

After releasing their debut full length album, 'Fractal', in 2010, Italy's Humangled return with a four track EP, 'Odd Ethics'. It pretty much follows in that same quirky vein as 'Fractal' but this time they recorded as a five piece, adding an extra guitar, which has given an more depth to the sound.

What you can expect from 'Odd Ethics', as well as with their previous full length, is traditional, no frills death Metal. They keep it simple and rely on well constructed songs to keep your interest, along with plenty of tempo change. They also work into their sound a lot of other influences such as doom and thrash in quite interesting ways.

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The vocals are quite broad spectrum, ranging from a deep guttural sound to a higher pitched snarl. The guitars are chugging, dirty and slightly distorted and prone to a bit of a higher pitched squeal at times.

All four tracks are consistently just over the three minute mark and the total length is only around the fourteen minute mark so no excuses for giving it two or three listens in succession, which I strongly recommend, just to get the feel of the music.

The opening track, 'Needles Of The Blind', is a straight forward death Metal track with a lot of tempo change, executed in such a way that, on first listen, you are never quite sure where the song will take you.

Next, 'Skinned To Feel All', is a great chunk of death and roll, with a strange, slightly off kilter, yet very hypnotic sludge/doom groove throughout its entirety.

The third track, 'Smells Acrid', is much faster with a brutal edge. It also has a catchy, groove to the chorus.

Lastly, 'Deny Your Creed' is an interesting blend of death and thrash with lurching rhythms, fast chugging riffs and a multitude of tempo changes, keeping it interesting end to end.

This is an exciting EP and a great way to experience Humangled and if you like it you can always give 'Fractal' a listen too.

'Odd Ethics' is out now on Abyss Records.



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