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'A Social Berserker'
(Fono Ltd.)

jools green

Jools Green

tacit fury

I don't get the opportunity to listen to much Metal from Russia and it is even more of a pleasure when it as good as 'A Social Berserker', the fourth full length from Moscow based trio Tacit Fury.

Originally forming as a six piece in 2001 and playing symphonic doom/death Metal, 2012 saw the release of 'Horrors From Depth' with a new line up trimmed down to a compact trio, with only Dmitriy "Enoth", the band founder, as the only original remaining member and this new line-up dropping the symphonic doom element in favour of a more pure and brutal death Metal sound.

'A Social Berserker' is a well balanced album, brutal yet with enough melody to keep it both interesting and listenable and there is a fresh, modern feel to the sound also.

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The vocals from Dmitry "Enoth", who also covers guitars, are excellent, a powerful, harsh, gargling grow that rip their way through, an excellent match for the equally brutal lyrics that encompass aspects of pain and suffering.

The guitar work is good with most tracks enhanced with superb, latter part, guitar segments which added a lot of interest to the brutality. My only tiny issue was with the guitar squeals that were very prolific on some of the tracks, a lot of bands use them but I am not too keen on them personally. The subtle bass lines from Alexey "German" discreetly hold everything together.

Demonstrating that they mean business (there is no windy intro, just a pounding drumbeat to prepare you for the oncoming aural assault) as the opening track 'Lacerated, Strangled, Impaled’ begins.

As far as favourites are concerned, the tracks that really stood out for me were 'Mind Crushing Power Dominance' where Alexander "Imidazo" really ups his game adding extra depth to this crushing track with a great drum led opener that pans out to some impressive drum work. There is also at times some great intonation on the vocals and a catchy repeat riff.

'Release The Lions' also caught my attention. The overall tempo kicks up a notch from its predecessors. It's a great track that's intense, with fast as hell bursts of drumming and a great guitars to the close of the track.

I was also immediately drawn to 'A Standard Of Perfection', the "in your face" opener captured my attention. This feel continues throughout the track which is an interesting mix of blasting drums, machine-gun riffs and a subtle melody in the background making it both brutal and highly listenable.

There is also a really good cover of Metallica's 'Creeping Death' at the end of the album which I thought was way better than the original; it's slightly shorter, and way more brutal - superb.

Tacit Fury are a comparatively young band who I think have achieved a lot since their inception. I hope they continue to grow as they have a huge amount of talent and potential.

'A Social Berserker' is a great release and well worth a good few listens.

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