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'Kill All The Gentlemen' EP
(Stampede Press)

jools green

Jools Green

kill all the gentlemen

'Kill all the Gentlemen' is the debut EP from the Exeter based four piece Metal band of the same name.

Style wise their music is a blend of death Metal influences alongside elements of technical Metal, hints of thrash and also with, at times, a progressive edge.

Their song writing style is more in keeping with slightly more mainstream acts such as Machine Head and In Flames, quite complex and cleverly crafted but it still manages to have at times an intense and in your face edge to it and it's this mix that helps to make it a good listen.

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The harsh death Metal style vocals are, on the whole, good, as are the guitars, with some tasty solos in places. The drum work is competent, its presence is felt without it being overpowering.

The EP opens on a haunting guitar led intro, 'Epithet' setting the scene beautifully for the surge of sound that is 'Nailstorm'. It has a strong thrash influence and a great thrash style solo to the second half, a great track.

Initially I wasn't overly inspired as 'As The World Opens' began; it started a little bit safe, veering too close to the mainstream but then an interesting progressive element is introduced and the direction and feel changed, becoming intense and interesting listen after this; definitely a song of two halves.

kill all the gentlemen

The EP is broken up with a couple of guitar led instrumental interludes, the first of which is the gentle, haunting 'Frost On The Sun' which gives way to the chugging and at times very technical, 'Midnight In Eden'. Here the clean vocals are surprisingly sinister, very unnerving, which I believe was the intention.

The second of the interludes follows next, the reflective, guitar led 'Lives Lost', which makes way for 'A Rose Evil Chose' which has a good balance between the brutally intense and the melodic.

The final track is the seven minute marathon 'Legion Of I' with the catchiest riffs of the EP, the midway old school solo came as a surprise and leads to a reflective drop-away followed by a simple yet effective build afterwards, which brings the track and EP to a crushing conclusion.

'Kill All The Gentlemen' was recorded by James Dunkley (Amon Amarth, Fun Lovin' Criminals, Anthrax) at Foel Studios (My Bloody Valentine, Napalm Death, Klaxons) and is overall a pretty good release.

It certainly gives an insight into what Kill All The Gentlemen are capable of; it's very varied and I suspect they are still in the experimental, discovery stage of their sound and a more full view of just what they are all about will manifest further with the release of the debut full length that they are currently working on.

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