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'Sons Of Sleaze'
(Planet Metal)

jools green

Jools Green


'Sons Of Sleaze' is the follow-up to 2011s self titled debut release from Chicago's sleazy death Metal maestros Bones.

It's an insane, yet brilliant listen; I couldn't stop smiling from one end of the album to the other. It has a dirty to the core and no frills sound, with aggressive blasts of down-tuned, ragged death Metal with a filthy Punk attitude that's just awesome.

I love the gut wrenching vocals and the heavy bass lines from Jon Necromancer and Carcass Chris's dirty distorted guitar riffs are sublime but what makes this album so great for me is the drum work; the way Joe Warlord slips in a vast array of energetic drum patterns with apparent ease, really finishes all the tracks off beautifully.

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The album consists of twelve chunks of dirty death Metal spanning thirty seven minutes, opening with the tornado that is 'Poisoned Breed', a track that just rips up everything in its path, the tempo does drop midway but don't get lulled into false sense of security because when the next song arrives, '13' the tempo is frantic, it's a little reminiscent of Motorhead, only more mental!!

'Frozen Vein' has a slower tempo with a sleazier edge, but the vocals still maintain that gut wrenching feel, if not more so because here there is room for a few extended screams along with a few nice drum patterns. The up-tempo title track, 'Son's Of Sleaze' has a catchy, distorted, repeat riff that sits so well with the vocals and some great drum elements that really enhance that dirty groove.

On '1000 Veins' Joe Warlord really works his way around the drum kit well, a perfect balance to the distorted ear ripping sleazy groove while 'Suicide' has an intense tempo, distorted guitars and brutal vocals that combine for a frantic and exciting track.


'Bad Signs' has a dark, crusty, distorted opener that opens out to a dirty, distorted groove, nicely garnished again with skilled drum work and finished with a sleazy solo; a crushing track.

'Maggots' is packed with pounding rhythms, extended screams and an ear ripping solo. You don't need much more.

'Cold Knife' opens with a down tuned bass and continues with low dirty guitars and vocals; a very sinister track.

'Mindfucked'. I certainly was after listening to this track! It's intense but with a lot of tempo and direction change to keep you enthralled for the full four minutes. '647 Bastards' is racy and packed to the brim and the final track, 'Fear Of Napalm', has such a long intro I thought it was going to be a mental instrumental, but it's just mental.

I don't have a favourite track; the whole album is an aural assault of impressive proportions nicely completed by artwork from artist Putrid. At times this made me think of The Rotted and if you like them you should find this of interest.

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