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jools green

Jools Green

i killed everyone

'Necrospire' is the latest offering from the rather wittily named I Killed Everyone and follow up to their debut album 'Dead Peasants' and it's a pretty ferocious chunk of Deathcore from the Chicago based five piece.

The band state, "Unlike most bands of their genre, I Killed Everyone is influenced by classic Death Metal bands from the 90s such as Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, and Morbid Angel. The band incorporates many of these influences to form a unique sound of modern Deathcore with undeniable classic Death Metal overtones."

I am not entirely sure I agree with the statement as I am sure a lot of bands are similarly influenced; however what is important is how the album sounds.

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Vocally it's harsh and brutal, yet fairly understandable, the backing vocals balance well with the leads and on the opening track 'A Sanguinary Mass' I do like how the atmospheric extended intro builds before those vocals come in like a punch to the face. This is probably one of my favourite tracks just for the intro, but in many ways, it made me expect more from the other tracks.

It's also awash with blast beats, pummelling your senses into submission; the drumming from Tom Salazar throughout is forceful but maintains a good rhythm across the album, one of the elements I liked the most, for its consistently brutal and intense presence.

i killed everyone

At times there are some very nice guitar elements, midway through 'Born Of The Abattoir' which stood out, on 'Grimoire I – Eviscerated' there are a couple of nice technically edged snippets and some nice spiralling riffs on 'Crucified And Consumed'.

The guitar work is very down tuned across the album and on the final track 'The Human Error', possibly the best track of the album, guitarists Bill Williams and A. J. Kolar, seem to pull out all the stops with the amount of melody they cram into this one track. There's nothing quite like saving your best for last but I would have liked a bit more of that throughout, personally.

Some of the tracks did blur together in my mind at times and I found myself drifting. I don't know if it was the intensity or the similarity but I had to keep pulling myself back to the point of focus.

Overall, despite not fully holding my attention on every track this is a pretty good album, intense, consistent in its quality and listenable across all the tracks, I didn't get the urge to press the skip button at any point.

The cover art is also worth a mention, an eye catching, surreal and hideous undersea scene, which is fascinating and beautifully detailed.

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