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'Human Dictionary'
(One Alliance Entertainment)

Phil Kane

phil kane

Empires Of Eden Channelling The Infinite

It will be argued, and with some justification, that a review of 'Human Dictionary' does not belong on MetalTalk; arguably justifiable but sadly mistaken.

No, it is not Metal by any stretch of the imagination, it should nonetheless be given a minute or two because it is still rock n' roll, and it don't matter what flavour it is, rock n' roll is still, er, rock n' roll. When you are Metalled out and in need of something different that won't hurt your street cred, then I think this album might just hit the mark.

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Overall the spin of this album is the sunshiny happy groove of eighties alt popters such as Orange Juice, The Bluebells and Lightning Seeds. 'Human Dictionary' can be quite whimsical in places such as the bright jangle of 'One Jumps In', 'Sing To Me' and 'Don't Blink (There Was A Time)' but then the more (comparatively speaking) aggressive 'The Feeling', 'Find Me', the title track and the darker 'Watching You Drown' bear their teeth but not so much as to knocks the album out of joint.

With 'Human Dictionary', New Yorker outfit The Given Motion have created quite an enchanting mix of catchy alt pop, rock and Americana. The band seems to have shunned overdubs and studio effects preferring to keep things simple and nicely striped back. With an original sound that is certain to get noticed, the album whispers of massive potential and a very bright future.

It is not going to be everyone's cup of tea and those with 'very Metal' spelt in studs across their foreheads will absolutely fucking hate 'Human Dictionary'.

In the meantime, the rest of us will find that its charms are best experienced on a lazy sunny afternoon when all you want is something to listen to as you melt in the heat.



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