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Those boys at Yesterrock have been doing some more serious diggin' and look what they've found this time. Mydra were originally called Charon and released two albums. By the time the third album came round there had been some major personell shuffles and it was decided to release the album under the new band name and here it is, Mydra's eponymous debut.

Originally released in 1988 'Mydra' is a far superior album to the two Charon albums, in some respects pre-empting Hardline's first. It is a melodic rock album that covers quite a wide spectrum of the genre's broad canon from the metalic grunt of 'Freeway Blues' to the rocked up candy floss of 'Love Killer'.

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And the killer tracks do not stop with those two either, oh no. If you take the plunge you'll knock yer head on the likes of opener 'I've Got The Power', the beefy Bo Diddley referencing 'Cold Blood', the Mr Big/VH groove of instrumental 'Fireball' and Diamond Dave would have killed for the bop of 'California'.

There are a couple of duds; the two lighter wavers that pop up late on the album are poor and there are also times when the sound dates the album rather too much. Yet on the whole Mydra have worn quite well and this is a superb AOR album that beat the likes of Mr Big and Hardline to the draw but not the plaudits and laid down the blue print for the Scandi rock thing that's currently pouring from the fjords and ice fields of the north.

Yesterrock have done yet another bang up job here with the re-mastering being good and the album itself another cracker that makes you wonder at how hard it must have been to get heard back in the eighties for bands such as Mydra who were damned to the badlands of obscurity.

The irony is that it has re-emerged at a time when the market place is awash with top end high quality blue chip melodic rock albums and again, Mydra might not be heard above the clamour. Yet 'Mydra' is a class slab of AOR that deserves your attention.

So, now that you've just wasted ten minutes of your life reading this, justify it by getting a copy. You'll not be disappointed.



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