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'Presenting The Problem'
(Indie Recordings)

Phil Kane

phil kane

ribozyme presenting the problem

Right, first things first, this lot are pegged, and I quote here, "as dark but not Gothic, angry but not violent, sad but not tearful, not hard but still heavy" (thanks Wikipedia). That's another, rather pretentious way of saying this band defies the efforts of obsessive pigeon holing cretins.

If you do need a point of reference however, then you can settle for progressive rock and damn well like it. This album juggles an eclectic mix of very occasional ambience, alt, melodic, grunge and industrial rock and produces a listen that should gratify any rocker who dares to take the plunge.

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Ribozyme's 'Presenting The Problem' is an album of many layers. It lacks the synthesizer's sweep and dodges the artistic masturbation of traditional prog, revelling instead in the sparse spiky wastelands of Metal's darker, alternative industrial corners.

Yet be warned, originality is not a priority and this album will have you racking your brains trying to think where you've heard bits before. The vocal has a Gilmoresque quality ably demonstrated in the aptly titled 'The Bricks Went Flying'. Caskets could grace the credits for an episode of 'House' and 'Lending A Lever' wouldn't be out of place on Clutch's stage.

The crazy off kilter sax of 'Leverage' perfectly complements the heads down charge of a band let off its leash and 'Over The Galvanised' and 'Downside Advantage' have the modern Metallic grunt of Alice In Chains. The inventiveness of 'Presenting The Problem' is that the band keeps the inventiveness under strict control.

To some this may make the album boring but to many more it preserves the groove allowing the hotchpotch of styles to hang well together. On this occasion, the music has been allowed enough head not to be detrimental to the album's overall cohesion but not enough to render it unlistenably random.

'Presenting The Problem' is an album for a particular mood. If you want a challenging listen that will have your cerebral synapses detonating all at once then this album is not going to be for you. Yet, if you find yourself in a codeine assisted Tramadol haze and need something that is different from the norm but retains some semblance of a heavy groove then this undemanding album will do the job nicely.

It offers the perfect soundtrack for your more contemplative interludes whilst remaining loud enough to discourage any temptation to nod off.



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