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'Slave To The Game'

Phil Kane

phil kane

emmure slave to the game

Emmure are a Conneticut outfit based in Queens, New York. They create a sort of nu-Metal deathcore hip hop hybrid thing. They seem to have been very busy boys too, managing to throw 'Slave To The Game' at us less than a year after the release of 'Speaker Of The Dead' and it follows exactly the same formula.

Perhaps both albums are the result of the same sessions d'yer think? Still, for fans, this new album will be already a known quantity; rapping riff Heavy Metal, hip hop scratch and the fuck you attitude of an impotent youth.

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Apparently there is a lot of ill will aimed towards this outfit and listening to 'Slave To The Game' you can tell why. Yet they must be doing something right to be able to knock out five albums in as many years, so someone is obviously buying them.

I suspect their audience is made up of the young, immature and gullible who think that Emmure is one of the heaviest, most brutal bands on the planet, its mix of Metal and hip hop grinding in the same way that children's television presenters do.

Metal and hip hop have been successfully mixing it up for years. Unfortunately, Emmure shows how not to do it. There is no doubt that an eager audience awaits this album but for every person who owns a copy, at least two others will find it offensive; their mum and their neighbour.



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