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'A Night In Strings'
(Mrs Green Records/Premium/Soulfood)

Phil Kane

phil kane

eklipse a night in strings

Rock as a musical genre is quite unique in that it can be mixed with almost any other style of music and still be able to create something that can be exciting and original, entrancing and heart rending. Here we have an example that pretty much goes about as far as it is possible to go without diluting the rock groove out of the mix altogether.

Eklipse are four lovely ladies from Germany who have taken modern rock and pop songs, flipped them on their heads and rearranged them for the traditional stringed quartet allowing no electric instruments on 'A Night In Strings' whatsoever. It has all been done before of coarse but instead of the usual full blown orchestra they have stuck to just three violins and a cello. On paper it sounds like a load of bollocks but it actually sounds quite good.

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There are no original tracks on here of which only three are rock covers, 'In The End' (Linkin Park), 'Clocks' (Coldplay) and a beautifully rendered 'Run' (Snow Patrol). The rest ranges from Lady Gaga's 'Paparazzi', through Depeche Mode's 'Home' to Justin Timberlake's 'Cry Me A River'. If the originals were compiled like this then it would prove a disjointed and eclectic mix, but played in this style it all hangs together rather well.

Despite Eklipse getting the opportunity to tour as support to Nightwish in a month or so time, its place here remains rather tenuous. Nevertheless, I think the band will go down well because it has a certain mournful gothic charm that will appeal. Is it rock n' roll? Is it hell but does it work? Well, yes it does, in a sitting by a roaring fire sort of way. Yet will it be of interest to rockers? Given its gothic dance macabre groove it quite possibly might.

Eklipse is going to find itself restricted by the fact that it will always have to reinterpret pop and rock songs for this idea to work properly. Without some sort of electric backing any original material they try will just not cut it in the rock arena.

The danger is that the band becomes a bit of a one trick pony and the reliance on finding material suitable for this sort of stripped back treatment could leave it hamstrung.

If you are partial to a bit of classical music as a change of auditory scenery then you might find this album a pleasant change, though your mood will have to suit. However, if you are a highly distilled Metal head (or classical snob for that matter) with no intention of stepping beyond the admittedly broad confines of Metal then avoid 'A Night In Strings' like the plague.



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