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Release Date: 24th February 2012

Phil Kane

phil kane

Good God almighty, we've gone and got ourselves a real live one here and this one will seriously bite yer damn lazy arse; it's fucking great! Nitrogods eponymous debut is a very loud, aggressive, ragged arsed, down low and dirty twelve track, ugly as fuck album of good ol' fashioned biker rock 'n roll that comes complete with a belly full of fire and a bottle full of whisky.

pythia the serpents curse

This trio's collective history takes in stints with Primal Fear, Sinner, Thunderhead and Freedom Call but if you are expecting a variation on the Teutonic Metal theme then you are going to be disappointed; very, very disappointed.

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First and foremost the bedrock of this album is early Motorhead c. 'Overkill' and before. It also takes in references from ZZ Top, Quo and the mighty Tatts, mixing them all up with a very generous helping of the nothing-added philosophy that has kept Ted Nugent going all these years.

The whole thing is shot through with that hot sultry Gretch guitar sound that Brian Setzer made his own and a vocal that narrowly fails to out-Lemmy Lemmy. 'Nitrigods' also has a sense of the ridiculous that suggests they would be quite comfy playing the same stages as the likes of Urban Voodoo Machine.

Killer tracks are aplenty; 'Lipsynch Stars' is a bottleneck laced rabble rouser in the mould of Rose Tattoo's 'Astra Wally'. 'Black Car Driving Man' is a fast as fuck 'DC tinged boogie that sets this album away as if ol' Nick himself is after its tail and 'Rifle Down' evokes the mighty Quo during their fucking awesome Vertigo days.

'Whiskey Wonderland's' Bo Diddly jungle groove is aptly crowned by Dan McCafferty's trademark rasping vocal and 'The Devil Dealt The Deck' and 'Licence To Play Loud' is pure distilled early Motorhead.

As if the 'Head connection needed reinforcing any further, Fast Eddie cracks off a salvo of his trade mark wah wah guitar work on 'Wasted In Berlin'.

Overall, this album could possibly be a better offering than Headcat's recent nostalgia trip and is guaranteed to really fuck yer neighbours right off. Seriously, you really have got to hear this one at extreme volume before it disappears into the ether to be eternally forgotten. You will regret not doing so.

Now, if that isn't motivation enough to get this magnificent slab of biker r'n'r onto your death decks then y'all better just hang up those air guitars, stow the attitudes and fuck off back under the disco rock from whence you crawled. And take yer damn Bieber albums with ya.



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