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John Oakley

john oakley

reckless love

The new album from Finnish glam pin-ups Reckless Love is a corker! It formed a heavy part of their recent UK tour so let's look in deeper.

'I Love Heavy Metal' is a boppy anthem that tributes most of their forefathers from Kiss to Crue and will get you preparing for a night out blasting this at full volume, even if you are a Bieber fan! Live it has been going down a storm, and doesn't half make a good t-shirt (I Reckless Love Heavy Metal, if you will...)

'Runaway Love' starts off with a riff that owes a certain level of plagiarism to Van Halen, but becomes more Bon Jovi as the song goes on. Not that its bad, with Olli crooning away, I'm sure many a young fan will want to Runaway with newly married Ollie and crew. In similar vein, I’m sure Def Leppard will want royalties for the 'Gods Of War' riff in 'Dying To Live', however it's a grower power ballad that is riff laden and probably good to put on for a first date.

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'Metal Ass' provides an excellent return to crowd singalong form, with some lovely solos bringing the song to an awesome crescendo. It's a self confessed heavier route for the bubblegum pop rock boys, it has Quiet Riot overtones and is highly punchy. Fantastic!

'Sex And Drugs And Reckless Love' is a hilarious typical Reckless Love song that sees the lads poking fun at themselves but its got a catchy chorus, and you can just hear the girls in the front row screaming for it... Oh yeah!

'Bad Lovin'' is a another great Reckless Love song which sums up the band's appeal. "It don't matter if you're straight, or gay, or Bi..." - you'll love the Reckless Love naughtiness. You naughty boys! If this is finely crafted, thoughtful and emotional according to the press release, I think your tongues are in your (or someone's) cheek very firmly!

reckless love

There is passion and depth here however, 'Hard Rain' tells of love and heartbreak and tenderness, and it is a tear jerker. Another one to save for the sofa, an open fire and a candlelit dinner with your best girlfriend.

'Night On Fire' (or 'Nightie On Fire' as I shall now call it), starts off with a great jungle gang vocal, and bops along like a mad thing. Yes, Reckless Hit Factory, you've written another great one!

In 'Die Hard', Olli’s voice reminds me of Slaughter in their glory 'Up All Night' days; it's a cracking song, but slower and more genuine in its story line. A real rocker, about fighting for freedom, and standing up for your rights.

If you are looking for reflection and a political heavyweight that tackles today's issues and addresses teenage angst, you won't find it here; this is just good time rock and parp, even if the odd classic riff has been paid a heavy homage to.

So, get out your hair straighteners, tease your hair, (guys too), and blast this out loud! Pure Finnish escapism.

In 2013, when too many bands are heavy, and screaming vocals depressingly, you need a bit of Reckless Love trashy rock. It's a guilty pleasure but it is worth it. The Reckless Love explosion goes on!




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