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Jahnhunderthalle, Frankfurt

John Oakley

john oakley


On the outskirts of Frankfurt, the Armies Of The Immortals are gathered! A modern concert venue, of the size of perhaps Brixton, is full of Metal warriors from far and wide, here to heed the call of the Lords Of Metal.

From the intro theme from Ben Hur, we are called to the alter of true Metal. High Priest Eric Adams has us by the balls with the eponymous 'Manowar', the traditional set opener. The crowd are his from the first moment the speakers explode into life with his operatic tones. His voice is in fine form tonight... so much so, my ears are ringing for days after.

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Tonight's set contains several numbers from the new 'Lord Of Steel' album, but is in essence a similar set to that we were treated to at Birmingham and on the recent UK tour.

From overblown solos that finish with ritualistic demands for the Sign Of The Hammer, (which is reciprocated by the ENTIRE audience), to new songs including 'El Gringo' and 'Lord Of Steel' which are well received by the Manowar faithful.

Tonight, the Kings Of Metal can do no wrong. There is no ridiculous interval, thank God, and even the merchandise has gone up a notch in terms of quality, so it seems they have learned lessons from the last tour.

Noticeable highlights are Karl Logan's solos and the sheer power of Eric Adams' voice. Under-rated I feel, in comparison to his peers, it shows emotion and operatic power that surely cannot be matched by many of the Heavy Metal Godfathers.

Joey De Maio holds court, telling us how Germany has always been good to Manowar, and we are all of course Warriors Of True Metal... Cheers brother! Hail!


'Sons Of Odin' is next and it proves to be a firm crowd favourite, before the amazing sight of the whole audience pumping the air to 'Hail And Kill'!

There are some classics left out tonight. I'd love to hear 'Gloves Of Metal' get an outing and 'Sign Of The Hammer' and even 'Hail To England' itself, but Manowar's modern day catalogue is easily strong enough and has won over so many new fans that these can be left for another day.

As I reminisce afterwards, the days of the Marquee gig, which was until recently the last time they played the UK, are a distant memory for the Kings Of Metal, who are doing very well putting on a very professional tour in lands where they are hailed as the true Metal heroes they really are.

I later partied deep into the night with the inner circle of The House Of Death. Warriors of previous campaigns were out in force, but back to the gig and 'Warriors Of The World' unites us all for the encore.

Each and every one of us wants to be the Warrior born to fight and die, and if we should die in battle, we'll be remembered for this one moment in rock history! It's something to hang on to in a world of shite bosses and stress.


Manowar allow you to be the Manowarrior and ride off into the sunset and feast at the halls of Valhalla, and fuck real life. It's sure why I'm here...

The bombastic 'Black Wind, Fire And Steel' is the only way the gig can finish, with everyone once more in Sign Of The Hammer stance for the outro tape of 'Crown And The Ring'.

A classic gig, with an airing of new songs and modern classics in a lovely town with great drinking buddies and hundreds of Manowar fans... and to quote the mighty De Maio, "we - will - return!!"

Now, where did I park my long ship?

Rating: All Men Play On 10 (out of 5, of course)




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