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Cannibal Corpse/Triptykon/Enslaved/Job For A Cowboy
O2 ABC, Glasgow
Thursday 8th March 2012

Johnny Main

johnny main

Due to some dance nightclub being on in the venue after this gig was due to finish, the start time was brought so far forward that this particular scribe was still in the pub waiting for his mates to turn up, unaware that the gig had actually begun. The outcome of this was that I missed the complete set from Job For A Cowboy and all but the last couple of songs from Enslaved which included a superb if unexpected version of Zeppelin's 'Immigrant Song', which although surprising was a very good rendition of what is probably my favorite Zeppelin tune.

freedom call land of the crimson tide

Without a doubt, the last two bands on the bill were the main draw of the evening – especially judging by how busy their merchandise was flying out of the merchandise stall. Triptykon were up next and as the lights went to down to announce their imminent onstage appearance, there was a huge surge forwards towards the front as the crowd began to chant for the band.

A mass of dry ice wafted towards the expectant crowd, as the band walked onto stage to be greeted with a warm welcome. They kicked off their set with the moody 'Circle Of The Tyrants', an old Celtic Frost song (the former band of lead singer and guitarist Tom Gabriel Fischer) bathed in red lights, with the dry ice dissipating quite quickly.

Triptykon are a band that don't need a huge lightshow and don't speak much to the audience between songs either, as they let their music do the talking. Likewise, the band don't move around onstage very much, possibly due to the fairly complex nature of the songs they perform, which is the opposite to tonight's crowd who seemed to be having the time of their lives.

The next track, 'Goetia' from their debut album released in 2010 was given a boisterous reception before the band performed another old Celtic Frost number 'Dethroned Emperor'.

The final song of the night (yes, they only played four songs, but what a tour-de-force the set was), was a twenty minute performance of 'The Prolonging'. Sure, the band would probably have won some more new fans tonight if they had played more songs, but Triptykon are a rare breed of band in that they do what they want and how they want to do it.

The headliners on this tour were, of course, Cannibal Corpse. With the venue close to capacity and the stage all set, the light went to down and the band came onstage to a loud reception. What followed was nothing less than supreme performance from one of the world's finest exponents of Death Metal.

From the first song, 'Evisceration Plague', the band and audience were both up for it. 'Disfigured' got the dandruff flying for those who had enough hair, as it was a very varied crowd from seasoned Death Metal fans to some younger concert-goers who were possibly seeing the band for their first time.

'Demented Aggression', from their new album 'Torture', featured some brutal windmilling from vocalist George 'Corpsegrinder' Fisher who encouraged everyone to do likewise during another new track, 'Scourge Of Iron'. Fisher set the precedent for headbanging tonight by wagering the audience that he could do it faster than anyone else during 'I Cum Blood'. Despite the bravado of the audience, this was surely a wager that Fisher would have won hands (or should that be head) down.

The band continued its brutal assault on the audience although it's interesting to note that the actual fallout rate of the audience tonight was somewhat less than a Slayer gig – was this down to a younger crowd or a smaller venue (so everyone got a good view)? We'll probably never know.

A double barrel shot of 'Priests Of Sodom' and 'Unleashing The Bloodthirsty' in quick succession had the headbangers going full pelt once again, especially during the latter song's guitar solo, courtesy of guitarist Patrick O'Brien.

'Make Them Suffer' continued the relentless pace as the gig drew to a close. The band finished with 'Stripped, Raped And Strangled' proving that they are certainly worthy headliners tonight and that they may have picked up a few new fans from this tour too.

Cannibal Corpse Set List:

Evisceration Plague
The Time To Kill Is Now
Demented Aggression
Scourge Of Iron
I Cum Blood
Fucked With A Knife
The Wretched Spawn
I Will Kill You
Priests Of Sodom
Unleashing The Bloodthirsty
Make Them Suffer
Hammer Smashed Face
Stripped, Raped and Strangled

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