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'She's A Star' EP
(Superfecta Music)

Johnny Main

johnny main


South London hard rockers Superfecta recently released debut EP and if you like melodic hard rock tunes with huge riffs and searing solos then this is one band tht you should really check out!

Kicking off with 'She's A Star' which was released in demo form back in June 2012, there's a great atmospheric build up with some ghostly vocals mixed in with some echoy guitar before the track really gets going with a short burst on the drums and a good solid guitar riff.

The track tells the story of a girl who thinks she's a actually a big star, but the reality of her situation is that that she's very far from it. Vocalist Andy Urwin has a clear bluesy voice and at times sounds not unlike Soundgarden supremo Chris Cornell whose joined halfway through the song by a female voice mid-way through that just adds another dimension to the song.

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Track two is 'Paradox' which has another great build up from drummer Junior Ior (participating in his first recordings with the band) and guitarist Danun Todd before the main 12 bar riff settles down to a good fast pace. Urwin has a slightly different vocal tone in this number - sounding more rock orientated than on the previous track - it just shows how good his voice actually is. 'Paradox' bounces along nicely, though, to make this a very enjoyable song.


'Inside' starts off with a nice acoustic guitar part before being joined by a solid drum beat before singer comes in. This is the slowest of the songs presented here and it's certainly among the best on this EP. The story of a relationship breakdown is always good inspiration for songs and Superfecta manage to tick all the boxes with this number. The soaring vocals from Urwin towards the end are really good and prove how much of an asset to the band he really is.


The EP ends with 'Pendulum' which is a mad dash from start to finish. A good solid guitar riff from Todd sets the tone as Ior works hard to hold down a frantic beat at the back. Urwin's vocals are among the best on the EP here and his voice really soars through the catchy choruses. A great way to end a great EP and I look forward to hearing more from the band in the near future.

She's A Star

You can hear the track 'She's A Star' here:

Superfecta are:
Andy Urwin - Vocals
Danun Todd - Guitars
Max D Pinto - Bass
Junior Ior - Drums


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