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'Men Of Honor'
(Century Media Records)
Release Date: February 24th (February 18th in North America)

Daryl Soar

daryl soar

adrenaline mob

When I woke up this morning I found myself thinking, "what I really need is yet another Heavy Metal supergroup made up of a select group of highly skilled musicians with varying degrees of anonymity and fame. As luck would have it, what should arrive but Adrenaline Mob's 'Men Of Honour'. Apparently it's their second album and with only a change of drummer I'll have to grant them that.

On first listen I was mostly impressed by the way these mature figures captured the spirit of a long past teenage angst. Not only was it absolutely convincing in its sincerity, it lacked the vigour of youth you'd expect from someone no longer in that phase of their life.

On second listen the album felt like a comfortable and favourite member of my music collection. It almost felt like I could sing along if only I could find the words. This time I even noticed the touches of youthful anger and frustration coming through. And it would have been absolutley convincing had they captured the same frenetic energy that a group of fresh faced teenage would-be heroes possess by the truckload.

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Unlike a bunch of success grasping teenagers however, Adrenaline mob have shown the maturity and confidence to have released the songs ahead of the album to build a fan base on the strength of the music rather than their reputations. And good on them.

It's difficult to cite influences for such well established and acomplished musicians but this Creed of alter-fighting foo-bridge contenders are rock enough to be popular yet metal enough to avoid the mainstream.

'Men Of Honour' has a wealth of depth that will have you singing along with some catchy hooks and air guitaring through the solos. John Petrucci fans will not be disappointed in the guitar work while those who like a little more soul and feel from their six string sharpshooters will be listening to the vocals.

adrenaline mob

The really great news is that bassists and drummers will be able to share equal pleasure in listening through the album as it is so well mixed there is space for everything within a massive soundscape.

This supergroup have surpassed the hype and delivered a quality product comprised of good songs. The only thing you could have asked for is a song or two with a bit more pace and excitement. That said, the band have all the other bases pretty well covered.

Adrenaline Mob are comprised of Symphony X front man Russell Allen, guitar virtuoso Mike Orlando (Sonic Stomp), Disturbed bassist John Moyer and new drummer A.J Pero (Twisted Sister).

The album features 11 new Allen/Orlando original songs and was produced by Allen and Orlando. Grab yourself a listen at

'Men Of Honor' track listing:

1. Mob Is Back
2. Come On Get Up
3. Dearly Departed
4. Behind These Eyes
5. Let It Go
6. Feel The Adrenaline
7. Men Of Honor
8. Crystal Clear
9. House Of Lies
10. Judgment Day
11. Fallin' To Pieces




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