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Lock 42, Leicester
Daryl Soar

daryl soar

Lock 42 is a postage stamp sized venue on the outskirts of Leicester. Half bar, half stage it crams a split personality into its tiny frame. Local bands boosted the bill and formed most of the Jazz-Thrash-Skating-Proclaimer looking audience.

VISIONS hit the stage like a tornado as if playing the biggest gig of their lives. I love a band with attitude and they slammed their mix of easy tunes and technical twin lead in the face of anyone willing to listen. By the end of their set I was convinced.


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ALIASES. After a hesitant start they found their feet, moving round the stage – a feat in itself- and owning the venue. To me it seemed note perfect.

The singer was like John Bush on 11 – although not quite reaching his level of performance. Halfway through the set the drummer's click track failed but the band carried on unabated. If anything they let their hair down and rocked harder.

Watching two guitarists play arpeggiated tapped solos at the same time, and a six string bass put to very good use has to be worth £6 of anyone's money.

A great nights music. Can't wait to see these bands in a venue as packed as they deserve.



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